Coconut oil is mostly used as a cooking ingredient but it also has countless health benefits for the overall health. It can be used as a natural remedy for treating numerous diseases and cosmetic problems.

Many people, especially women suffer from yeast infections which are caused by pH imbalances that lead to overgrowth of the fungus Candida Albicans. These infections may affect many organs and systems in the body, such as the vagina, the intestinal system, the skin and mouth.

There are certain factors that may lead to yeast infection, including:


Weak immunity
Unregulated diabetes

Lack of sleep

High intake of sugary foods
Hormonal imbalances

Vaginal yeast infection causes symptoms like rash, redness, vaginal itching, soreness, swelling around the vagina, burning sensations, painful intercourse and vaginal discharge.

It usually requires suitable medical treatment, but it can be also alleviated with the use of some natural remedies such as the coconut oil.

This oil is rich in caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid which are responsible for its anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

Namely, it can break down the yeast cells and inhibit their growth and multiplication. What’s even more, it can also boost the immunity, thus increasing the natural, self-healing abilities of the body.
If it is used topically, coconut oil creates a protective layer that prevents further damage to the irritated and damaged skin.

If you are one of those people who suffer from yeast infections quite frequently, here is how to alleviate this issue with coconut oil:

Coconut oil tampon

To relieve vaginal yeast infection, you should apply coconut oil directly to the walls of the vagina. Therefore, make sure you soak a tampon in this oil, insert it in your vagina and let it stay overnight. To fight the infection, repeat the process for five days.

Coconut bath

If you suffer from either vaginal or skin yeast infections, fill your bathtub with warm water and add a few drops of coconut oil. Soak in the water for several minutes and repeat this process on a daily basis. This will alleviate the itching and irritation.

Coconut suppositories

These are intended for treating vaginal yeast infections. Make sure you insert the suppository before you go to bed. During the night the body heat will melt the inserted coconut suppository, thus alleviating the infection. Make sure you wear a pad in order to prevent its leakage.

Coconut oil douche

Add 4 tablespoons of coconut oil to two quarts of distilled water and use this solution as a natural douche.

Coconut oil as a cooking ingredient

You can either add this oil to your beverages or consume it before your meals.
Other benefits of coconut oil

According to the latest research, coconut oil can encourage the function of the thyroid gland and enhance the body’s ability to burn fat. Also, the medium-chain fatty acids in the coconut oil help the breakdown of fat at a rate quite similar to fasting.

This oil can also:

Fight inflammatory processes in the body
Strengthen the immune system

Boost the energy
Reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases

Reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood
Treat tooth decay and gum issues

Alleviate urinary tract infections
Improve the function of the digestive system

Provide the body with plenty of antioxidants
Nourish the skin, nails and hair