There is something strange – but interesting – about being an empath. And while people romanticize about this ability, it’s not all roses. Here are the worst things about being an empath.

However, let’s talk about it for a moment. What does it actually mean to be an empath? Empaths are, simply put, people born with emphasized metaphysical ability to sense other people’s feelings. And very often, empaths can completely ingest and emulate them as their own. Maybe on occasions this can be taken for a mellow and desirable superpower, but empaths beg to disagree.

Empathy Is Important

So, why is it important to know about these people and the hardships they go through? And why is it important for the rest of the world to make effort in  understanding them? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward – because it’s important. Especially in the modern, materialistic world, when it’s obvious there’s less of it, while more is needed. The world as we know it, while being harsh enough, would look like a far-fetched dream, or a utopia, if it wasn’t for empathy.

For many common people and empaths alike, empathy is the ultimate force for good in the world, and as such – it doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve ever talked to an empath, you can easily notice how energy-consuming this ability is. On top of that, in many cases empaths can’t even realize that it’s this very ability that gives them an unwanted secondary effect. So, what are the worst things that can happen to an empath?

One of the most commonly noticeable burden that empaths struggle with is their love for the nature.

Empaths don’t just enjoy nature for the sake of hiking and enjoying the landscapes. They feel this poetic attraction between them, a spiritual unison and never-ending desire to spend as much time as possible out in the wild, or even to become a part of it. This is important because there is a recharging effect empaths feel when they are among plants and animals. That’s why empaths sometimes may suddenly disappear in the woods.

Empaths live in a constant attempt to change the world.

Closely related to – or maybe even stemming from – their spiritual connection to the natural environment, this internal drive is often very discouraging. And understandably so, considering the world is packed with people who don’t really understand the concerns and efforts what empaths burden themselves with. However, this feeling will never disturb the overall determination that keeps them moving forward and always trying to improve things.

The powerful feeling of not fitting in is always accompanied by a confusion regarding the next move.

Since empaths can take over other people’s feelings and energy, it goes without saying that with no effort made, they can sense whether they belong in a certain situation or not. The difficult part is, they are not sure how to take the first step toward something new.

From all of the above, it’s not hard to realize that empaths become very easily overwhelmed from the situations they find themselves in, especially relationships.

Since they are the sensitive human beings that they are, empaths make for amazing friends. However, while being the determining factor for it, their sensitivity can also be a big obstacle in maintaining a long-lasting and deep relationship. Strong mutual feelings easily overwhelm them, which, aside of the bad consequences for the relationship, can also lead to an emotional stress.

Consequently, we can conclude that empaths have a big heart and are known for being generous.

We know everyone appreciates this quality in a person, but what most of us don’t think about is all of the shady characters that are always on a look-out for generous people. Most of the time, it will be people loaded with negative energy posing as potential friends or constantly asking for help. This is maybe the worst thing for an empath, since it takes emotional focus away from the true potential they may be achieving, but it can also lead to long-term emotional abuse.