The people in the world experience unusual symptoms and are trying to adapt to changes. There are constant changes of energy in the universe. These changes are affecting all the living beings down to the smallest cell.

These unusual symptoms are not something negative and dangerous. They only appear because the body is trying to adapt to the energy changes that happen in the universe. You have to stay patient and positive as you go through all the changes. You can help your body and mind go through these changes easily and accept them by doing the following things:


Rest and sleep enough
Drink plenty of water
Don’t eat too much and consume more light food products

Try to keep your feet on the ground
Practice yoga
Exercise enough

Sit next to a fireplace or a bonfire

When energy changes happen, you’ll be more aware and accepting of the unusual symptoms and you’ll have some new gifts.

The Unusual Symptoms:

Not being able to make decisions or stay focuses

Being more sensitive and careful
Seeing more visual images when meditating
Feeling harmony

Feeling strong and conflicting emotions for a short period of time
Lack of focus or a feeling that you are in some kind of movie while you are moving
Often feeling tired and requiring more sleep time

Huge cravings for chocolates and other sugary foods
Experiencing sudden goose bumps and chills
Lapses of time or loss of sense of time

Unusual sensations in your body
Loss of coordination or balance
Frequent headaches

Pressure around the head
Eating patterns changes
Very fast healing of bruises and cuts

Very pronounced ADD symptoms
Immediate manifestations of your thoughts in reality
Heightened sense of smell

Hearing buzzing or other unusual sounds
Pressure or pain in the solar plexus
Being more aware of the waves produced by electronic devices

Malfunction of electronic devices when you touch them or at least come near them
Re-evaluating all the things you have not questioned before, like your job, relationship or even entire life