There are truths about anxiety which basically state that it is not so bad as long as you know how to deal with it. Stress is a sign that you need to react and make a change. But, unfortunately, too many people keep their anxiety in themselves.

They ignore it completely, while at the same time acting as if everything is fine with them. These individuals struggle the hardest. The reasons lie within these 20 truths about anxiety:

1. You have a great poker face, but half the time you scream inside

You are cool and collected, but you are also upset and angry. There is a cyclone in you that you are constantly trying to keep under control. You have become so good at lying to the world that you keep everything under control that no one can notice what’s really going on inside. When it comes to you, at one point things can be good and calm, but the next moment the cyclone from the inside will ruin you.

2. People think that you are cold or isolated, but you worry too much

You care, but don’t show it. All the problems you face are pushing you inwards, so you hide them. You are constantly thinking about the things that need to be done for other people. In fact, you don’t even know how to calm your thoughts in order to give yourself a breathing space.

3. People believe that nothing touches you, but you secretly try not to fall apart

Who doesn’t have problems? There is no such person. Every person has their own set of problems. The only difference is that some of them are better at dealing with them, while the rest are constantly anxious. As for you, you are trying to keep this anxiety in yourself, maintaining a facade around that hides it.

4. You are empathetic and caring, but rarely someone notices

People think that you don’t care about anything, so that’s why they will not disturb you with their problems. And because you keep everything inside, why would anyone think that you really care? It’s a pity, because friendships are built so that we go through difficult times.

5. When you need support, no one realizes that going through difficulties

Maybe the harshest of these truths about anxiety. You always act so calmly, that nobody offers to help. It’s just because people don’t – and can’t – realize what you really need.

6. You are a sheer contradiction

On the one hand, you are constantly anxious, and on the other hand, you behave as if your life can’t be better. No one knows who you are, because no one has ever saw the real you. You are so scared of judgments that you don’t let anyone get closer to you. That’s why you have turned into a loner, but you really don’t like it at all. The worst thing is that people think they know you, but unfortunately they also live in an illusion.

7. You know that eventually you’ll have a crisis, but you ignore it and continue your life like everything is fine

The tension continues to increase every day. Week after week, your life is getting darker and less realistic. You don’t know how to prevent anxiety, but you are certain that one day you won’t be able to keep it under control. The only question is when this will happen. Or perhaps you should finally allow yourself to talk to a close person who will help you deal with this.

8. You are both a warrior and a lover

Even if sometimes you seem vulnerable to those around you, you are really protective of those you care about.

9. The way people treat you is independent of how you treat them

The relationship you share with people is not just based on give-and-take and the way you treat them doesn’t affect how they are going to behave with you.

10. Logic doesn’t work here

You’re constantly worried about the close ones. This worrying might seem irrational to the people around you but there is no helping it. This just means that you need extra comfort and assurance.

11. Sometimes people will exploit you

And probably the saddest of the truths about anxiety. You are so quick to forgive anyone about anything, that you often become a target for exploitation.

12. You never play games

This is especially true in relationships. You never play power games and dominating over your partner is the last thing on your mind.

13. You are very attentive to the people around you

You easily fall under the influence of others and often try to make people around you feel better – even at the cost of your own happiness.

14. You are very sensitive

You are very sensitive to stimuli such as temperature, light, odors and sounds. Also, you are often sensitive to other people and their feelings. Many people with anxiety have a highly developed intuition.

15. You are creative

Being intelligent and creative at the same time is a great thing. Typically, you have a very rich and powerful imagination.

16. You refuse all invitations to go out

Sometimes anxiety can become so exhausting that you don’t have the energy to do anything. No matter how excited you were about an event, when that day comes, you have to say no. You don’t want to be a burden to anyone and that’s why you wrongly decide it is best not to go.

17. Everything

While all of these truths about anxiety are quite specific and sensible, this is the weird exception. Even though engaging in such line of thought may bring you a sense of security, trying to resist this temptation makes you worried and afraid.

18. You are obsessed with things that don’t seem to bother other people

You obsessively think about everything. Most of these things would never have occurred to other people. You may be obsessed with the conversation you had last week or the way that your boss looked at you the other day.

19. You always think about the worst scenarios

Prior to a date or meeting, you convince yourself that something will go wrong. Before going on trips, you are afraid of accidents. This happens in virtually all situations.

20. You become more worried when people express their worries about you

When people ask you if you are okay or approach you when you have negative thoughts it worsens your anxiety. Of course they have good intentions, but when they express worry you think: “If they are worried, then I need to take better care of myself!”

Please take a close – and repetitive – look at this list of truths about anxiety and be sure to share it with anyone you might think will find them useful!