The third eye, located between the eyebrows and the beginning of the nose, is considered the center of our soul in a waking state, and acts on our intuition, spirituality, anticipation, and memory. In the eastern and western cultures, the third eye is associated with intuition, spirituality, and many paranormal phenomena.

Even today, many Hindus carry a dot on the forehead) which has a mystical meaning and represents a third eye. Researchers who deal with this phenomenon believe that the third eye is the memory of extraterrestrial human ancestors, or gods.

These five signs indicate that your third eye is beginning to show you your true purpose in this world:

1. Pressure or dull sensations between your eyebrows

The activation of the third eye is manifested by sensations between the eyebrows. If you regularly meditate you might feel some warm sensations in this area. These sensations will become more and more prominent with practice. But it doesn’t mean that it will occur only by having spiritual thoughts – it may occur out of nowhere. In such cases it is a powerful reminder of the spirituality.

2. Foresight

Intuition or foresight is the ability to predict what will happen in the future. Spiritual growth and meditation result in the activation of intuition which in time becomes stronger. At first it will be vague and momentary and it will come and go. With regular meditation it will become more powerful and eventually it will govern your life.

3. Persistent and gradual change

Another definitive sign that your third eye is open is a gradual, but persistent change in your perspectives, goals and ideas about life. This isn’t a sudden and forceful process. It gradually channels positive energy and such changes happen only when you are ready. Are your actions and decisions truly selfless, do you still have some agenda or someone else is guiding you? For starters, try to keep an open mind.

4. A deeper connection with your inner self

Do you know your true self? In the Eastern countries there is a huge difference between “the self” and “self”. Your self is what you think you are- your likes and dislikes, but THE SELF is the inner knowledge of your purpose and place in this world. If your third eye is open, your perception of the world will drastically change and you will feel a new and fresh energy, confidence and strength. You will fill one with the universe – and you will be sure that your spiritual eye is active.

5. Lights

These four phenomena are not so obvious and may not always be so visible. But this sign – vision of light – is as obvious as it can be. You will see light between your eyes in your deep meditations and concentrations. This light may be like dots, abstract patterns or circles but in your final stage it will look like a golden star in a blue sphere. This manifestation of the third eye is very popular and both Eastern and Western cultures celebrate it.