Before you rush into the nearest pharmacy, first check if you can solve your issue by using natural products. Today we are going to show you the miraculous health benefits of using loquat leaf, and the results will amaze you!

The useful properties of the loquat are well known to Japanese and Chinese healers, because their fruits and leaves contain valuable biologically active substances. Medicine uses loquat as a strengthening agent for the normalization of digestion, with various intestinal diseases. Due to the high content of phytoncides, the plant can be used to eliminate the inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract. Dried and milled loquat seeds are used to prepare a coffee substitute, a very useful and tonic drink, which tastes slightly different from the taste of natural coffee.

Loquat leaves are sometimes used in combination with other ingredients to eliminate mucus and soothe the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. In Japan, loquat leaves are dried and used to make a mild drink known as biwa chaby. This beverage is used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis as well as chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.

Vitamins A and C, phenols and flavonoids give the loquat amazing antioxidant properties. Thanks to these substances, free radicals are excreted from the body, which saves the body cells from the oxidative stress. The antioxidant properties of loquat reduce the risk of degenerative changes, such as cancer, cataracts, diabetes mellitus and others. Its fruit protects the brain cells from memory loss and other neurological diseases.

Nature can give us a number of solutions for our general health. On the other side, traditional medicine usually has expensive solutions that can have negative side-effects.

Loquat leaf health profile

Loquat leaves offer the following health benefits:

  • Cleanse the kidneys and eliminate
  • Control the blood pressure
  • Boost the immune system
  • Help with skin inflammations
  • Eliminate the toxins and waste from the body
  • Detox the liver
  • Control diabetes
  • Boost the insulin production

This is how to prepare loquat leaf tea:

Put one tablespoon of crushed loquat leaves in a pot of boiling water. Then, remove the pot from heat and then let the loquat leaves stay in in for about ten minutes.


Drink a cup of loquat tea every day until you obtain the desired results!

Don’t add sweeteners because this can reduce the effects of the tea.

Additional health benefits of drinking loquat tea:

Maintain good pancreas health

The main importance of loquat leaves is that they significantly boost the pancreas function. They have the ability to increase the insulin production and this way they take care of this degenerative disease.

Fight against diabetes

Loquat leaves are rich in the compound tormerntic that effectively increases insulin production and reduces the symptoms associated with diabetes.

Great source of antioxidants

These antioxidants eliminate chemicals, toxins and waste from your body, increase the life expectancy and protect you from various diseases.

Mucos Membrane Care

The extract from loquat leaf act like a mucolytic agent in the detox foot pads. This helps dissolve the thick mucus that clings to the chemical compounds!