Synchronicity. All the things that happen in life are connected. The past, the present, the future, every accident and coincidence you encounter is linked. No matter how small or big something is, everything is connected and part of synchronicity.

Every thing that you do affects the universe. Without your knowledge, you are sending your thoughts to other people. The law of unity is synchronicity and shows that everything is connected. There is no separation between us, the other people and the objects. There is a tight link between everything that exists.
In life, there is also no such thing as accident or coincidence. Everything you experience is a kind of message especially for you.
The universe is sending you a message both when you are having a bad period with a lot of coincidences and when everything is perfect and smooth. Synchronicity is when things and people happen all in the same moment. Luckily, there is way to accept this synchronicity that exists.

Have you heard that the master appears only when the student is ready?

This famous saying can serve as an explanation for synchronicity. When you are in synchronicity with something that you really want, the chances that that thing will happen are greater. An example of this phenomenon is when two similar people meet by accident. These two people function on the same frequency, so synchronicity tries everything to bring them together.
When Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, had his fall out with Freud, he made a theory about synchronicity. He created the term synchronicity to explain those coincidences that have meaning. For instance, you can run into a friend that you have not seen for several years. This may bring something important in your life. These are all signs of the universe and are not something unimportant. It brings an incredible feeling when you know that everything that happens in life is not a coincidence.

You are at the right place and at the right time.

If you are thinking whether something like this has happened to you or not, here are some common signs of synchronicity:

  • You are thinking of a person and then you ran into them or you receive a call or email from him. Maybe you have not seen this person for several years, but they are here now.
  • You find the thing that can help you solve a problem by chance. This is not something sold by a salesperson or a broker, but something that suddenly appears in front of you. It can be something ordinary and small, but it will be the exact thing that you need at that particular moment.
  • You are watching a TV series or a new film that seems like you are watching your own life. You form a deep connection with it because it is about you.
  • Some people you don’t know on the street or in the subway are talking about a problem that you have. Suddenly, someone is talking about something that has been bothering you your entire life.
  • Sometimes the universe sends you the right person in the right time. This person has the ability to help you with the problem that you have. For instance, you can have a problem with your website and suddenly you meet a tech guy that offers you help.
  • At the perfect time, you get a reassuring message from nowhere. For instance, you may be feeling a little bit down, when a friend or relative sends you a message that lifts your spirit without even knowing that you are in a bad mood at that particular moment.
  • You cellular memory store becomes activate when you see the numbers 11:11. This stimulates your memory to remember something that you have forgotten. These numbers a message that you are going in the right path.

These are only a few examples of synchronicity. When you see them, remember that the universe may be sending you a message.