A lot of people around the world can feel strong synchronicity occurring. The previous year has seen as a long battle that marked its start in January. November and December were also very intense months. However, when the new year started it seemed like someone removed the power plug and everything stopped.

Many people all over the world are feeling the same. Our thoughts, actions and feeling are becoming more and more similar, no matter where we come from.

This has been happening since the end of the Mayan calendar. However, the intensity has increased drastically in the last 2 or 3 years.

The Schumann Resonance

Actually, it is very interesting that the Schumann resonance has been raised over the last couple of years. The Schumann resonance is actually a measurement of the magnetic frequencies that are found in the electromagnetic spectrum of the Earth. It is believed that this happens due to the changes that happen in the core of the Earth.

Since the first records, the Schumann resonance has been 7,83 Hz with only some small fluctuations. However, recently there have been measurements of 35 Hz and higher. This means that the rhythm of the Earth has been changing.

In the charts you can see lines that stand for different locations. Until November last year, the most active area have shown measurements that go from 7 to 12 Hz, with some spikes that have reached the maximum of 24 Hz. However, after November, the measurements varied between 10 and 24. In the beginning of this year, the numbers go from 11 to 36 Hz.

The causes behind these changes are unknown. It could be an act of god, global warming, intentional interference or something totally different. No matter what is causing these changes, it has been having a lot of effect on many people all over the world, who now say they feel strong synchronicity.

Many people have spoken about the changes that they are feeling online. The conversations on this subject are not ending and everyone wants to share their personal experience.

The people who are experiencing and can feel strong synchronicity have experienced some of these events – planning trips and finding out that there friends are doing the same, thinking of people and then meeting them by accident, seeing number codes and thinking of something and hearing someone starting to talk about it.

Einstein and the Quantum Entanglement

They can also experience something even stronger than just strong synchronicity. They enter altered states and travel to different realms, they predict future events and have prophetic dreams and dreams in an unknown language. This may seem strange, but a lot of people all over the world are experiencing the same symptoms.

One explanation for this phenomenon is the quantum entanglement, or the interaction and entanglement of 2 sub atomic particles. This physical phenomenon happens at microscopic level and nothing can separate the two particles that interact. The distance cannot separate the particles as well! Also, if some sort of alteration happens to one of them, it will happen to the other one as well. Even Einstein explained this as a spooky action that happens at a distance. Could the great Einstein also feel the synchronicity?

According to the cosmologists and physicists, after the big bang there was a period of cosmic inflation. Then, out from a single atom, our universe emerged. This means that we all come from a single atom.

This theory explains the fact that people share particles within their DNA. The entanglement of the particles can differ, but everything there is exists in all of us. Therefore, us all, all living and non-living things come from the same thing. We are all one, no matter what we think.

This may have no evidence, but it is evident from people’s testimonies that we are experiencing something important. Maybe the changes in frequencies are awakening something in people who are sensitive and can feel the changes.