According to the records left by the Sumerians, the story of the Anunnaki on Earth starts 450,000 years ago. They did not come to play God, but they came to extract the minerals they needed for their planet.

Shortly, the story of the Anunnaki goes like this. Their leader’s name was An and his son Enki, who was the main genetic scientist. He realized that this was a tough job for his people and he gave the job to his son. Enki had a task to create a new being, a slave laborer.

He was supposed to be advanced enough to do complex jobs, more advanced than animals, but less advanced than themselves to they could justify why they treat them as slaves. After many failures, Enki succeeded. He created the Homo sapiens.

The leaders of Anunnaki accepted this and put them in the mines in Mesopotamia in the area of today’s Iraq. But Enki wanted more. He wanted to create a being, similar to them not only physically but also mentally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, including their psychic abilities. This angered the other Anunnaki and they tried to destroy Enki’s creation. There was an Ice Age and a Great Flood. In an attempt to sabotage him, Enki figured out how to save his creation – the people. He ordered Noah to build an ark and so he saved them.

The Immortals

The ancient peoples considered their gods to be immortal. But their so-called lifelessness was their long life span. Enki led the first group of Anunnaki to the Earth 450,000 years ago and was still present until 2024 BC. But they could still die – they could have been killed, for example, in the war. It was believed that Anunnaki’s long life is the result of life evolving on their planet, which circulates around the Sun 3600 earthy years, meaning that one year for them is 3600 for us. However Anunnaki extended their lifespan with advanced biomedical technology. Some texts reveal that Anunnaki sometimes managed to revive the dead.

After all this it seems that Sumerians were one very mysterious civilization. Is it really possible that they achieved more advancements that we still can’t? Did they have knowledge that we still don’t have? They described things they could not have at that time. This is a sign that had visitors from other planets. If so where is it from? The Sumerians have suddenly disappeared, and the reason for their disappearance is unknown today. Perhaps once we succeed in deciphering the remaining clay tiles they have left behind, we will find out their origin and the reason for their disappearance.

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