You may have already seen some or all of these spiritual symbols. However, you may not be aware of the spiritual meaning that they carry.

Just seeing a symbol can leave a powerful impression on us. We will be intrigued and connected if we start to analyze and search for the deeper meaning that a particular symbol has.

There are many symbols that have a spiritual meaning. Here are some of the most common ones together with their real meaning.


In Arabic, Hamsa means five and it stands of the 5 digits. Hamsa is something that protects you and is often seen together with evil eye to protect us from harm. According to legends, if anyone evil sees you when you wear the symbol, he/she will not be able to cause any harm.

Tree Of Life

All over the world, different religions and cultures have used the tree of life as their symbol. It is also known as world tree and it is a symbol of the circle of life – birth, life, death, rebirth. The tree of life in Christianity is the tree where Adam and Eve picked the forbidden fruit.
The tree is also an association between the fire, the air, the wind and the earth – the 4 elements and it also stands for the connection between all the things that exist.


This is a spiritual symbol of life between the Egyptians. According to ancient beliefs, it was useful for sexual energy during intercourse. Nowadays, the ankh is a symbol of spiritual wisdom, regeneration and eternal life.

The Eye Of Horus

The eye of horus is also called the wadjet, all seeing eye and the whole one and it is a symbol of protection between the Egyptians. Pharaohs were carrying this symbol to protect them in this life and in the afterlife. Even middle eastern sailors painted this symbol on their boats to protect them during their sea travels.

Lotus Flower

The sign of enlightenment is important in Buddhism and other religions as well. This flower grows from the dark waters of materialism and opens towards enlightenment. It is a symbol of going from darkness into light. It can also represent detachment, because water droplets slide easily down the petals.

Yin Yang

It is a sign of duality and of unity between feminine and masculine energy. This symbol shows that a meaningful life can be lived if there is a balance between light and darkness. Unity is something that the universe needs.


This is probably the most infamous of all spiritual symbols on this list. It is by mistake in association with Satanism, it represents men’s qualities.
The top point stands for spirit and the other four are for the four elements.
The Wiccans used the symbol in ceremonies as a reminder of the nature of humans.


The Caduceus, a spiritual symbol of Hermes with two snakes around a winged thing, which we can often see as a healthcare organizations’ symbol.
This symbol can represent the base for the astrological symbol of Mercury and for life force. The two snakes are a symbol of Kundalini energy that comes from the base of the spine. One snake is feminine energy and the other is masculine. Together, they give the person a new life.

The Dharma Wheel

This spiritual symbol is also called the wheel of law or the wheel of dharma. It is a symbol that represents the path of Nirvana in Buddhism.
Every spoke stands for a stem in the eightfold path of Buddha.
This symbol dates in 2500 BC, which means that it is even older than Buddhism itself.

Flower Of Life

This is one of the most important of these spiritual symbols in geometry. It represents all the patterns of creation. It consists of at least 7 symbols that overlap and it is part of almost all the ancient cultures.