Soul contracts are agreements formed before we were born. Then our soul family asks us a question “What is it that you would like to learn this lifetime?” Based on the given answer our soul contract is created.

The same works on the grounds of opposites. More precisely, the best way to learn something is through experiencing the opposite.

For example, if wanted to be more patient you would need to be surrounded with people who test your patience or if you wanted to experience love, then you must go through hatred to understand true love.

To reach a state of peace we need to face chaos. To truly grow we need to go through pain. This chaos and this pain are the first step to growth. Being knocked off our balance serves to makes us learn to stand up. It is an experience that teaches us how to pick ourselves up and truly shine going beyond the pain that hurt us.

The effort we make to reach the position of balance is not wasted effort because it is what builds our character. All our experiences regardless of how difficult they are and our ability to go through them thus becoming stronger and wiser is what contributes to the shaping of our personality.

Our universe has infinite love for us but it will continue sending lessons to learn from. We can not influence the curveballs that life throws at us. It is beyond our power to influence certain events.

This may seem depressing and difficult for us to comprehend but we need to remember that we need to deal with them always hoping to reach balance.