We always hear people saying someone can feel signs from the Universe, or has a good vibration. But, what does this mean? How can we test it? With low vibrations of living energy, you certainly attract everything that is negative, such as negative people and negative situations.

Today we offer you a way to test your vibration using 4 signs from the Universe.

1. Do a reality check

Look around you. What do you see? Are people polite and kind or rude? Is the day good or bad? Is the weather nice or horrible? Your vibrations create your reality, so whatever it is that you are seeing is a result of your vibrations, whether they are negative or positive. If all you see are frustrations and obstacles it means that your vibes are low. If you like what you see around you it means that your vibes are high.

2. Pay close attention to repeating numbers

Do you often see sequences of repeating numbers? Noticing repeating numbers (111, 2222, 333) as well as increasing sequences of numbers (such as 1234) means that your vibes are high and positive. But, noticing decreasing sequences of numbers (such as 4321) or seeing the number 666 means that your vibrations are running low.

3. Observe your emotions and thoughts

Do you feel that you are functioning at a peak level (with high vibes) or do you feel tired, sick, moody or frustrated (low vibes)? Negative thoughts attract negative events. Positive thinking brings us many benefits, inner peace, success, better relationships, better health, happiness and satisfaction. It helps us survive everyday problems and live a better life, promising us better days and a brighter future. Feeling just alright means that your vibes are neutral.

All these signs from the Universe are a way to see what level your vibes are on and what kind of reality you create for yourself. The reality you create influences on the way other people to perceive you so having high vibes is important for many aspects of your life including romance, friendship, career and family. Having high vibrations means that good thing will surely come your way.

But even if you are on the negative side regarding your vibrations, this shouldn’t concern you. These signs are here to tell you that you aren’t moving in the desired direction. They are warning signs to let you know that you should consider changing some aspects of yourself or your perceptions.

Make sure to notice these signs from the Universe from time to time and every time you see that you are on the negative side, just try to move your emotions and thoughts in a more positive direction; do something that makes you happy, laugh, hang out with your loved one – just make sure you do things that make you smile.

The signs from the Universe will help you efficiently monitor your vibes. Test them once in a while to make sure everything goes in your advantage. The only thing you should do is to keep things positive even if sometimes this seems like a lot of work.