Even though it is funny to do personality quizzes, we do not always get the results we expected.

Take a look at the picture below. What did you see first? The shape or the gender that you see reveals your perception of life and shows your current situation.


If you first noticed a car, it indicates that you rely on freedom and individuality. The car, which takes a small part of the picture, indicates your ability to observe everything in detail. Delving into detail may sometimes affect your judgment, particularly in negative circumstances. Even though delving into detail can be good, you can make bad decisions if you forget the bigger picture.


If you first noticed a man with binoculars, you are focused on the whole picture, without paying attention to details. As the man with binoculars is in the bigger picture, it means that you gather information in glances rather than concentrating on important details. Even though it is good to be focused on the bigger picture, paying attention to details is also important.


It is easy to notice the letter A as it is in a brighter color. If you first noticed the letter A, it means that you are able to see things that many people miss. The letter A was the least noticed thing in the picture.

According to the psychologists, the face that you notice first in the picture indicates some lifestyle changes.



If you first saw a girl in the picture and you are a girl, you may experience some positive lifestyle changes. Like you, the girl in the picture is looking at the sky with a positive mind. Seeing a girl and being a girl means that you are confident and satisfied with your life.

If you first saw a girl in the picture and you are a boy, it means that you are opssesed with the opposite gender. Also, you may be feeling distressed or happy by a woman in your life at the moment. You should believe in yourself and go on. It is a good idea to focus on things that are more important to you.


If you first saw a boy in the picture and you are a girl, it means that you are looking for a partner or you have just found him. The boy in the picture indicates healthy changes in your life.

If you first saw a boy and you are a boy, it means that you are worried about another boy at your office or family. You are worried about this guy when you go to bed. Try to eliminate your worries, as this problem will go away soon.


If you first saw a crocodile, it means that you are a practical person, who thinks about life obstacles. You are careful and pessimistic, too. This also indicates your ability to forget positive details, as you are always focused on negative ones.


It is really hard to see the boat at first, so it means that you never miss out on details. Moreover, it shows your creativity and problem-solving abilities.