Facing the fear and not letting it affect our life is something that will improve our well-being. Discovering our fears and the reasons which lie behind them can help us on our way to succeed in life. On the basis of fears shared by people who have the same zodiac sign we created the following list of fears associated with a particular zodiac sign.

ARIES – their ultimate fear is losing their loved ones

TAURUS – their deepest fear which brings them incredible discomfort is the idea of running out of resources and thus the lack of access to money-oriented objects.

GEMINI – being creative and acting upon various aspects of things is what drives them in life. Therefore, the thought of losing this would be devastating and thus their greatest fear.

CANCER – although they are open to the world and the new possibilities it offers, they are scared when they are to face the new adventures because playing safe is always their thing.

LEO – being in the center of attention is what makes them the happiest which means that losing the spotlight and being unnoticed is what scares them most.

VIRGO – known for their obsession with cleanliness and order, their biggest fear is defectiveness and inadequacy.

LIBRA – in the line with being passionate lovers they bear the risk of getting depressed when abandoned.

SCORPIO – their greatest fear is expressing their emotions. As a result, they often keep distance from people they love.

SAGITTARIUS – they fear being closed and not being able to travel and seek more space in their life.

CAPRICORN – these hard-working professionals fear failure.

AQUARIUS – they detest routines and fear the feeling of being trapped in schedules.

PISCES – always free minded they fear responsibilities and being bound to limitations.