Animals can be regarded as unusual creatures which possess certain abilities and thus differ from humans in some aspects when it comes to seeing things which are invisible for humans. In this context, we should emphasize that cats and dogs are the animals acknowledged by mainstream scientists as animals that can see frequencies which are invisible for humans.

More specifically, they can see UV light waves which is both surprising and fascinating fact. Even though, years ago scientists believed that the eyes of most animals mainly mammals functioned similarly to the humans’ eyes i.e. they even considered humans’ eyes to be the most evolved, this belief has been contested and today it is undoubtedly considered to be false.

Namely, biologists from the London City University have investigated this matter in details and revealed some fascinating data regarding the above mentioned phenomenon. Their study explains that mammals, especially cats and dogs, see a completely different world due to their ability to see ultraviolet light.

The study reveals that the lenses of the mammals are not similar to the lenses of humans. The scientists concluded this by studying the lenses of dead mammals such as dogs, cats, pandas, monkeys and hedgehogs. The science has confirmed the metaphysical aspects related to these abilities of animals as interpreted by some people i.e. many people have always believed that animals act rather strangely which may be a result of the things they see around them.

Namely, animals behave in such manner in specific situations such as a tragic event like a recent death of loved ones. It is said that cats chase invisible things or beings, move their paws and claws in empty air and meow uncontrollably i.e. act as if there is something or someone nearby. And even though science claims that this unusual behavior is a result of seeing and interacting with UV light, the question which remains unanswered is why the same happens when there is no UV light i.e. at night time.

To make this even more believable there have been situations in which not only animals but humans as well have witnessed unusual presence i.e. they have reported to have seen shadow entities at the same moment when the animals around them started acting strangely.