Sarcastic girls with big hearts are not only sweet, but also something really special. They have two completely opposite qualities in them. They are a real jewel.

So if you happen to know sarcastic girls with big hearts in your life you probably know these 7 qualities that make her special:

  1. She is bold and direct: She never compromises with her words. She says everything that’s on her mind. This means that she is honest with the people she cares about. Sometimes she doesn’t filter the things she says which may at first look blunt. Even though she may seem like a rude person she doesn’t care about it. She prefers to be completely honest even if this means saying something negative.
  2. Looks rough but she really is gentle. Just because she speaks her mind doesn’t make her a bad person. When you get to know her she really is a gentle soul that deeply cares for other people.
  3. She looks aloof and indifferent. This quality sometimes makes people think she is disinterested but this is just a façade. She doesn’t want to show affection publicly.
  4. Secretly she is romantic. She doesn’t do things half-heartedly. When these girls fall in love they completely devote themselves.
  5. She builds a wall around her, but easily destroys it for the real person. Her sarcastic façade quickly falls apart once she is sure that the person is worth it. When she falls in love she gets attached pretty quickly and completely opens up.
  6. She is both sensitive and badass. Don’t be fooled by her sarcastic comments. Yes, she does make crude jokes but that doesn’t make her any less delicate than the other girls. Even though she looks though she really appreciates small romantic gestures.
  7. If she is unsure about you, she won’t waste her time. Sarcastic girls with big hearts like to cut to the chase. If she is not that into you she won’t waste her time with you.

So if you have such girl in your life, just keep her close and don’t let her go.