Is there life after death? Even though most people tried to find the answer to this question, they have not succeeded yet.

Robert Lanza, a professor and scientist, thinks that the theory of biocentrism teaches us that death seems to be an illusion created by our consciousness. Moreover, the scientific theory claims that life does not end when we die, it lasts forever. Even though many people believe that the Universe created our life, Lanza thinks that life created the Universe. Based on the theory of quantum physics, Dr. Lanza thoroughly explained his hypothesis that life and biology are the origin of the Universe and reality, not the other way round. According to the theory, there are many realities, which are supported by various levels of consciousness.

In addition, Lanza believes that death cannot exist in any real form, as there are no limits on which it can be determined. We have been taught to accept the idea of death, even though in reality, it exists in our mind. However, these theories and ideas cannot be fathomed. Even though these theories and ideas are not scientifically confirmed yet, they sometimes might be proven.

Furthermore, Lanza’s book ”Beyond Biocentrism” and ”Biocentrism” expressed all scientific arguments. The ideas of biocentrism are similar to the ideas of parallel universes, the hypothesis generated by numerous physicists, who believe that there is an infinite number of universes in which various people and situations happen simultaneously. According to the rules of biocentrism, time does not exist independently of the life that oversees it.

Time and space are created by our minds through which our consciousness gives an order to our reality. Dr. Lanza thinks that consciousness exists in the form of energy within the brain even though the human body is determined for disintegration and death.

Lanza is a famous professor and scientist, who has published greatly in scientific journals. Even though our society and culture will not integrate these scientific arguments, when you think about them, they seem to be logical. However, we are not aware of them.

Until this is not proven, we will not be able to understand what happens after death and if there is life after we die?

Do you think that there is life after we die? What do you think about the theory of Biocentrism?