Out of all twelve zodiac signs it seems that the last one PISCES is the most difficult one to understand. People born in the sign of PISCES are often described as very imaginative and emotional persons.

They are shy and tend to keep their thoughts for themselves. Having this disposition of hiding their thoughts from the world does not make them less gentle or loving and caring.

On the contrary, they possess a heart of gold and can offer the world so much. Actually, many find it difficult to understand PISCES since they are introvert and live in their heads. Being often misunderstood by others they feel depressed and love to escape reality when their voice is not heard. The reason why other people can not understand them is because PISCES are dreamers who often can not find the words to express their feelings and needs.

However, if treated with love and respect they can open and come to life. Due to their inclination towards creativity the best conversational topics with them are those about art and fantasy. PISCES become easily disinterested in the modern world. They can not keep up with the fast paced world so they often escape from the reality into the comfort of their thoughts.

PISCES want to get close to people but they find this difficult because they are afraid of getting hurt. Actually, due to their caring nature other people take advantage of their kindness. However, if they get a chance, they will open themselves and create a possibility for wonderful relationship with other people both romantic and platonic.

Being highly emotional PISCES easily fall in love. But they also get hurt easily. When they are hurt by others, they are able to forget but they will never forgive. They want to believe that there is goodness in every person. Therefore, they need balance of being alone and of socially interacting with others. They can not survive without their solitude but they can not survive without their relationships as well.

Even though they function best when alone because they need time to recharge from the conflicting energies in the world they do not alienate themselves from others. They simply need some time for themselves and do not have available energy for others.