The Picatrix Manuscript is actually a book about astrology and magic with 400 pages. According to experts, the origins of this book probably date back to the middle of the eleventh century.

Picatrix contains 4 books and there is no systematic exposition. This ancient book teaches us to obtain energy from the cosmos that will help us influence the occurrence of a certain event.

The Picatrix manuscript also speaks of zodiac magic, creating magical talismans, magical statues and even of cities, constructed with the help of astrological magic. It is a book that collects old works of astrology and magic. According to one interpretation, this book bears a status of a handbook of talisman magic.

The Picatrix manuscript is originally an Arabic book that got Spanish and Latin translations in the 13th century. At this time it got its name. The name of the book also refers to the author as well.

And because of its Latin translation, it became incredibly popular in Europe, especially between the 15th and 18th century.

Where does the Picatrix manuscript come from?

People believe the writer of this book was an alchemist, mathematician and astronomer. His intention was to gather all the knowledge in the Middle East from the 8th and 9th century.

According to one Arab historian, author of this book is a mathematician by the name of al-Majriti.

Others disagree with this and believe the author is actually an apprentice of a Middle Eastern mysterious magic school. The book also promised to teach the reader to obtain energy from the planets in the universe. This is one of the Arabic books that exposes the most celestial magic.

In the content of this magical book you can also find astrological references to stones, animals, metals, plants, etc.

What does the Picatrix manuscript do?

Through this object, the reader could learn to channel the energy from the planets to influence certain events that he wants to happen.

Picatrix also shows lunar calendars and numerology that would be helpful to plan rituals about channeling and obtaining energy from the cosmos.

However, this mysterious book contains more than astrology and numerology. It offers numerous spells and recipes that include dangerous ingredients. For example, opium, hashish and other psychoactive plants were used to induce astral journeys and altered states of consciousness.

On the other side, the contacting spirits spells used saliva, blood, tears, sperm, earwax and urine. All of these ingredients were combined together to reach a world which is different than the one we know.

If you like to dive deeper into the mysteries and the magic of the Picatrix manuscript, you can always obtain its English translation which is available in both hardcover and paperback editions.