When thinking about narcissism, you probably think that a narcissistic person is in love with themself and need no one else, they are successful, rich and probably beautiful.

Perhaps most of us think that it is not so bad to be a narcissist because they look good, confident and self-satisfied. They know how to fight for themselves as if they have never experienced failure and dissatisfaction. Looking from aside, they seem not to have problems in their lives.

But, many narcissistic people often feel worthless, weak, and even depressed deep inside. When in fact, that charming and self-confident smile in many cases hides a fragile person.

If you are dating a narcissistic person, at first you may like their self-confidence and their great aura. But as the relationship progresses, you will realize those who claim to be perfect can sometimes be harmful to you.

Narcissism is a kind of behavior where one is in love and preoccupied with oneself, to the extent that they exclude others around.

Statistically, about 1% of the people worldwide are narcissists, and 75% of them are men.

Living with a narcissistic individual can be very difficult. Life with a narcissistic person can be a real emotional rollercoaster, and because of their variable behavior, very unpredictable. Narcissistic people need to be constantly worshiped. The thrive amid constant confirmation from others in order to feel complete.

Living with narcissistic people can be extremely tiring and dysfunctional due to the emotional abuse of others around them. They constantly need attention from others to feel superior and increase their level of superiority. Suffering from lack of self-esteem is also quite typical for the narcissistic person. Therefore, they are willing to remove everyone from their lives that endanger their self-esteem.

It’s easy to fall in love with a narcissistic person because they’re playful and people always like them. So, it’s bad when a narcissistic person gets rejected because they can react violently, in revenge, and resentment or self-harm. Living with such people can cost your self-confidence, dreams and hopes, just because of their need for a permanent satisfaction. The narcissistic partner may try to satisfy their needs in every possible way, but that won’t be enough. They will not show empathy or change in their behavior, leaving the partner with a feeling of emotional abandonment.

The best way to deal with narcissistic people is to learn something about their situation. To learn to live with such people is a difficult journey, but over time things can improve, making it possible to maintaining a healthy relationship. Take control of some things that you can control and prepare  to end the relationship if it becomes too unstable and unhealthy.