Do the people we meet affect our life? Is there a reason why some people come into our life? Do we meet people by accident or there is something more behind it?

Whenever a new person enters our lives we need to consider that as a lesson . But this is no ordinary lesson. It is a blessing. Each person enters our life for a reason not by accident. That person leads us to where we are meant to be.

Of course, each encounter regardless how positive or negative it is, it affects our life and if the connection is too strong it can even transform our life and shake everything up. Sometimes, we may meet a person we feel we have known for all our life.

Each person that comes into our life creates a relationship which is both challenging and interesting. Each encounter presents the power of synchronicity. This synchronicity is a concept introduced by many psychologists with which they describe the faith that the universe sends us a person to aid our goal achievement.

Whenever we see the same numbers or meet the same people over and over again we should accept these as signs and try to realize the deeper meaning about ourselves and our lives. In this context, there are three different types of relationship:


This is always special and joyful relationship. It brings the best of you. It is characterized with peaceful energy between the two persons. This relationship could be in a form of a friend, family or love. It is the most precious because the two persons grow together and serve each other. This relationship usually lasts a lifetime.


This kind of relationship refers to people who come into our life and stay temporarily. Their presence in our life helps us learn and grow. They light up our life by showing us the right path. After they accomplish this, they may leave but there is always possibility for them to come back in our life to help us learn something and take the right path.


When you are going through a hard time in your life there are people who enter your life as angels sent by the universe. They come into our life for a reason i.e. they are there to help us go through that difficult period of our life. This relationship may end but without any wrongdoing on either side.

All things considered, we have to take into consideration that what is destined for us will happen. Therefore, we should not force any relationship and just let it flow naturally because every person that enters our life is there for a reason and will lead us to where we are meant to be.