A marriage advice can be of great help in preventing a divorce, which is one of the hardest things that a couple people can endure. The reasons for divorce may differ, but is difficult no matter the reason for it because you marry someone out of pure and unconditional life.

No couple would want to go through a divorce. You lose a partner as well as a part of yourself. However, sometimes the problems cannot be solved and divorce is inevitable and the best option for the couple. So, here’s some marriage advice that can at times be crucial to salving a union.

A divorced psychologist decided to share some marriage advice after his divorce.

This man was married for 16 years, lost the love of his life and wanted to share some wisdom with others.
His marriage advice is originally intended for men, but it can benefit both partners in a marriage since both sides need to work and try as hard as they can to keep the marriage together.

Romance should never end

Relationships usually start with dating, courting and doing everything to show your partner your life. There is no need to be lazy when you are married. Romance is something that should remain permanent and constant.

When 2 people marry each other, they promise that they would love and protect each other’s hearts. Someone’s heart is the most precious thing that you can get, so you should never neglect it.

Love yourself

People who don’t love themselves are not capable of loving others truly. In our heart, there is always space for someone special and when you find that someone, you should not allow anyone to get close to that space and person.

You should protect that space in your heart. If you love yourself, you will be capable of loving the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Fall in love constantly

Change is inevitable. It is normal for you and your personality to change over the years. In a marriage, it is normal for both partners to change. They cannot remain the same as when they met or got married.

As the change comes, you will have to work on your love as well. You have to fight daily for your partner’s love, because he/she is not obliged to remain with you at all costs. You can lose your partner’s love if you don’t try daily to win your partner’s heart.

See the good things in your partner

This is maybe a bit more important marriage advice. Nothing in life is perfect. If you focus on the positive aspects of the personality of your partner, those aspects will become even better and more pronounced. If you focus on love and positivity, you will be surrounded by love and positivity.

And if you focus on the negative aspects, there will be even more negative things. You will be constantly irritated and nothing beneficial will come from it.

When you see the positive things about your partner’s personality, you will know how happy you are to have that person for your spouse.

Don’t fix or change your partner

It is not your job to change or fix your spouse. Your spouse will notice this and start to think that you don’t love him/her as they are. You won’t feel good if your partner starts trying to change or fix you.

In a marriage, you are supposed to love your partner, with no expectations of whom you want them to become. You should also love and respect your partner, if he/she changes in some way.

Be aware and own your emotions

Happiness is something that comes from inside of you. There is no spouse that can make you sad or happy. Your look on life will determine what makes you joyful or sad and then you can see what behavior of your partner wakes up these emotions.

You have to find happiness by yourself. Then, you can have a marriage that is full of happiness and love.

Don’t blame your spouse

If your spouse makes you angry or frustrated, these are your own emotions. Your partner is there in your life to heal you.

If you feel these negative emotions, try to find time to understand what triggers them and allow your partner to heal you. You married this person because he/she was able to awake all those problems trapped inside of you, which allows healing to start.

Allow your spouse to be

When your spouse is upset or not feeling well, your task is to comfort him/her and not to try to fix the problem or your spouse. This is an internal personal process that a person sometimes needs to go through.

Your task is to help your partner find the strength to deal with his/her problem. However, don’t hide when your spouse has a problem. Your partner has to know that he/she has your full support and love and that you are there for whatever he/she needs.

Be fun

There is no need to be serious all the time. Seriousness can be the way to dullness and monotony. Remember to laugh and make your partner laugh, because everything will seem easier after a smile.

Feed your partner’s soul

Find out what makes your spouse happy and do those things daily. You are the person who is supposed to do this. It is your job to make your partner the center of the universe on a daily basis.

Be there

Give your spouse your soul, your time, your attention and focus. Forget about the other obligations when you are with your spouse. Dedicate your complete attention to them.

Accept your partner’s sexuality

Husband should use their masculinity to allow their wives to enjoy their soft femininity. Wives should use their mild temper, gentleness and softness to allow their husbands to be the best men possible.

Mistakes are normal

Every human being makes mistakes. However, we must be careful not to make huge mistakes and always learn from the ones we make. It’s not always the marriage counselor’s obligation to share wisdom through marriage advice. Be your own counselor.

People are not perfect, but they have to use their mind before acting.

Give each other space

You will do everything for the person you love. This includes giving your spouse some space. Spouses need space in order to renew themselves, especially if there are children.

You can be vulnerable

Nobody can keep everything under control. Therefore, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and show your partner that you are only a human.


Trust builds up only if there are no secrets between the partners. You have to open up to your partner, even if you worry that they would not like the things you are hiding.

Courage is absolutely necessary when you share your most intimate secrets. However, you cannot experience through love if you always carry a mask in your marriage.

Grow together with your spouse

You have to have dreams and goals together. If there is nothing that you wish for together, there will be entropy and destruction.

Money are not a problem

If you lack money, don’t fight about that. Try to find ways to earn them together. When teammates quarrel, there is no benefit. You should use each others’ strengths to achieve your goals.


Love is greater than all those silly grudges that you are holding. Concentrate on the future that you have together and forget about the past. And while this is probably the most difficult marriage advice from this list, it can easily be a key factor.

Learn from the past, leave it behind and forgive immediately. You will find freedom and love.

Love is the best possible choice

You must base your actions on love. With no love, we can barely make a choice, let alone a correct one. No matter what happens, marriage happens for a greater purpose, which is love.

There will always be good and bad times in a marriage. Try to learn from every experience and glory love. In this way you will find the way for a perfect and happy marriage.