Even though we might be surrounded with people at all times that does not mean that we are not lonely. We may be surrounded with friends and family but still feel lonely deep inside. Loneliness has nothing to do with the number of people surrounding us.

In order to find out the messages that loneliness is sending to us we need to accept it and stop worrying about what is wrong with us.

Loneliness is not our enemy. We need to listen to what it wants to say to us. It is often a feeling that helps us realize our best version and stop ignoring certain things.

There is a point in our life when although surrounded by the loved ones we still feel lonely and unfulfilled. The process of growing may sometimes lead us to growing apart i.e. we feel that the people who are close to us are actually those who are holding us down.

We need to recognize toxic situations and loneliness is what helps us to move away from the negative influences in our life. Loneliness is what guides us to open space for other people in our life who will bring more compassion and support.

Even if these people have not shown up yet, we should not lose hope because they will start showing up as soon as we make room for them.
Most of our life we focus on things outside of ourselves, pushing our attention to physical things such as money, appearance, possessions. When loneliness comes nothing else will matter. It will all be distant and no longer important.

This is so because loneliness tends to guide us to our inner self in order to start focusing on our inner growth and transformation. It will lead us to things that really matter.

Having started this inner journey towards self-realization we will face loneliness as a signal that will remind us of what lies beyond the physical world. It is a moment when we realize that our presence in this world is simply an adventure with a purpose. The purpose to find our real home, to access the other parts of us, to know ourselves completely.

Loneliness awakens our soul and reconnects us to our spirit. Loneliness is a result of lack of connection with our spirit. It makes us reach spiritual depth, a state when we connect to spirit guides, we feel some presence…

Loneliness gives us the power to release ourselves and touch the truth. We will reach freedom and we will no longer be shadowed by our past fears and traumas. This will help us enter a new reality, a new truth where our abilities are the gifts we need to share with the world.
All things considered, loneliness is our driving force which leads us to awakening. It is a reminder of ourselves, of our reconnection with ourselves. When we feel lonely we should accept the same and allow it to lead us to ultimate healing from it.