The kiss is a bridge that connects two souls and it is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to intimacy and love, any kind of love.

One of the most specific, rather adorable kisses is the one on the forehead. The kiss on the forehead makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and this is an intense response because the forehead is the location of the third eye.

When a person kisses someone on the forehead, they are actually kissing the third eye. A kiss on the forehead is not as common as a kiss on the cheek or the lips but it is equally important, perhaps even more because by kissing the forehead i.e. the third eye we actually reach out to the very core of the person.

It is believed that the third eye is a portal to a person’s soul. It is in the middle of the forehead but it is not visible. It can be opened or closed but only if the art of doing that is mastered. It is present at all times even at the time when we were born and it will continue to exist after our death.

When a parent kisses a child on the forehead wishing a good night they actually help their child feel safe, secure and rest easy. When you kiss your significant other on the forehead you feel the divine power being transferred from them to you.

Every time you kiss or you are being kissed on the third eye a feeling of enlightenment is invoked. The more often you do this, the closer you get to the person you kiss, you take away their worries and heal them with your care.