Did you know that there is an incredible story behind your birth date? We all love birthdays because it’s a time for festivity, happiness and celebration. When the day and month of your birth comes, you know that it is time for celebration.

The exact time of your birth, it was a time of new existence and transformation. In fact, there is an entire system that explains the meaning hidden behind the numbers that symbolize your birth date. If you follow this fun and simple guide, a whole story behind your birth date reveals.

According to this belief system, your birth number speaks about what kind of person are you, your personal talents and what abilities you can have in the future. It also shows what you are supposed to learn and which challenges you will face in your lifetime. In general, the birth number gives an outline of your own life and helps you influence the challenges, possibilities, abilities and opportunities that you will have in your life.

Your own birth number

At the beginning of the quest for the story behind your birth date, you will need to calculate the number of your birth and see what it says about yourself afterwards. You will have fun, see some of the personal traits that you will have, learn about what you are good at and find out about some inborn abilities that you have that you may not be aware of. It will also show the challenges and lessons that you will face in the future.

To discover your birth number, you will have to add all of the numbers in your birth date until you have a single digit number as shown in the example below. Your birth number will not place any limitations towards what you want to be in the future. It will only help you with your future choices and even tell you something more about yourself that you may not know. Example of calculation a birth number:

April 20, 1958
4 + 20 + 1958 = 1982
1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20
2 + 0 = 2

So, you have to add the numbers of your birth date until you get one digit, such as number 2 in the example above.



Life of the party





Big shot

Then, find your number in the list below to find out the detailed story behind your birth date. Have fun! 🙂

ORIGINATOR – People with a birth number one are very original. These people love to come up with new ideas and execute them. They also love when they have things in their own way because they are quite stubborn. They are often bosses and leaders, but they are often brutally honest and they lack diplomacy skills. Self employment works best for these people.

Lesson: You have to see that the ideas of other people can be as good as yours.
Famous people: Nancy Reagan, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Raquel Welch.

PEACEMAKER – The people with birth number 2 are diplomatic, aware of the moods and needs of other people and often place others before themselves. These people love friendship, which often makes their life successful, but they won’t stand an uncomfortable relationship. These people don’t want to be alone. People with birth number 2 are also intuitive and analytical.

Lesson: Be less shy, express yourself without hesitation and boost your self esteem as much as you can.
Famous people: Thomas Edison, Bill Clinton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

LIFE of the PARTY – The people with birth number 3 are social, easygoing, charming, idealists, creative and romantic. They often start something, but usually don’t finish it. Being popular is something they really enjoy and know what makes other people satisfied. They will do anything to keep others happy.

Lesson: You have to stay connected to reality.
Famous people: Melanie Griffith, Jodi Foster, Bill Cosby, Salvador Dali.

CONSERVATIVE – The people with this birth number are sensible and traditional. They appreciate routines and order. Conservatives are hard workers and act when they completely understand what they are supposed to do. They have a deep connection with nature, so they love spending time outdoors. Number fours can be persistent and stubborn.

Lesson: You have to be nicer to yourself and more flexible.
Famous people: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Turner, Margaret Thatcher

NONCONFORMIST – The people with this birth number are explorers, curious and enthusiastic. They don’t like routines and love diversity. They are always full of questions and see everything in life as a chance to learn more.

Lesson: You have to think well before making conclusions or taking action.
Famous people: Vincent Van Gogh, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Hail, Charlotte Bronte

ROMANTIC – The people with this birth number want to be useful and connected to their families in order to be happy. They love helping and taking care of other people. Also, they are loyal, good friends, idealistic and excellent teachers. They enjoy music and art.

Lesson: Try to understand which things in life can and cannot be changed.
Famous people: Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, Meryl Streep.

INTELLECTUAL – The people with this birth number always look for secret information. Their decisions are not affected by their feelings and emotions. They love to question everything and everyone, while hate being question themselves. They are slow, steady, loners and very knowledgeable.

Lesson: You have to understand what is and what is not acceptable.
Famous people: Princess Diana, William Shakespeare, Michael Jackson.

BIG SHOT – The people with this birth number are professionals, decisive, blunt, with good judgment and love to solve problems. They love to be the leaders and have great plans in life.

Lesson: You have to make actions and decisions according to what you want.
Famous people: Pablo Picasso, Nostrodamus, Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda.

PERFORMER – These people are generous, caring and entertaining. They are charming and likeable, yet, it’s hard to understand their true intentions since they have multiple personalities.

Lesson: You need a loving foundation to reach success.
Famous people: Jimmy Carter, Elvis Presley, Harrison Ford.

Please share and compare your number and the story behind your dreams with your friends and family, and see how many similarities and differences you will find! 🙂