Earth signs appreciate security, water signs yearn for love and acceptance, fier signs are driven by the desire to be noticed and air signs are driven by challenges.


Members of this fier sign need the activity as much as air. They express themselves through movement and action, and challenges are always welcome for them. In the field of emotions they are not always the most mature, so their feelings sometimes change depending on the day and the hour. They can’t stand it when others interfere with their personal life.


Members of this zodiac sign are mostly focused on the material side of life, therefore they don’t like playing mind games and like direct and honest relationships. Their greatest emotional need is security, so they value stable and reliable people. They love routine and they don’t like when someone spoils their plans in advance. Concrete works are more important to them than warm words and embraces.


For members of this sign, it is typical that they find it difficult to cope with their own emotions, and spend a lot of time devoting themselves to their analysis. Because they are the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac, they work best if something is happening around them.


This sign is the most emotional sign of the zodiac and its members are easily hurt, and when this happens, they don’t know how to hide their feelings. They love touches, compliments and praise, and feel the best in fulfilling love and family relationships. It’s important for them to have someone to worry about because they crave for closeness.


Members of this fiery sign need activities in which to prove and attract the attention of others. They often exaggerate when they express their emotions, and need to have a lot of fun in order to be happy. They become generous if they feel that the other people appreciate them and feel the best when they find out that they are relevant in some degree.


Members of this sign are great workers who like to please others, and they are the happiest when their surrounding knows their values. All they need is something to think about and something they will be able to analyze, because otherwise they will be miserably bored. They do not like pretending to express emotions, so their tears and happiness will be hidden from others. All they want is to feel useful.


Members of this sign are extremely social, and because they often do not feel good when they are alone, they are constantly looking for an audience. In order not to get bored, they will cling to work, turn the speakers on, or talk to someone on the phone. In relationships they want someone who will be able to listen to them and advise them, and they really appreciate team work and group analysis of business and personal things.


Members of this zodiac sign are described as reserved and mysterious, and this is their way of dealing with emotions. They do not stand the average life, so they don’t want to fit into the masses, and therefore they are in the eternal search for relationships, hobbies and things in which they will be able to realize their great inner energy. They are very tied to everyone who let them close enough to meet them, so it’s hard for them to leave someone out of their lives just like that.


Like the Aries, members of this sign require activity and challenges to be satisfied. Whether they are learning something new or meeting their physical needs, Sagittarius need to get rid of that excess of emotional energy in themselves. As they are sometimes overly self-confident, in close relationships they need someone to keep them grounded. Though they enjoy being home, they always feel better outside.


Members of this sign have the innate need for control, as well as the need for important roles in private and business relationships. It is often said that Capricorns are the least emotional of all signs of the horoscope, but the reason is that they are limited in the experience and analysis of their emotions. They feel good if others respect and value them, especially if they comply with their rules.


Aquarius is fighter for equality, but his/her goal is not to attract the attention of others. They have built beliefs that rarely change, and because of that, their emotions often lack depth. They need to deal with a variety of things and create something, and overly emotional conversations can knock them off. In emotional relationships they need people who are not overly demanding.


Members of this sign are the most sensible sign of the zodiac. They are extremely sensitive to external stimuli, and they are craving for approval, understanding and love. They feel best when they have their own goal and when they are working on it, and for this they need security and support. Since they are not superficial, close relationships should be chosen by people who are not too emotionally restrained.