Although human beings are generally considered as kind and good, the sad truth is that there is evil among them.
The intuition is a powerful force that tells us if someone is evil. We usually have weird feelings and we feel highly uncomfortable around these people.

They are fair-weather friends and they are not supportive at all. They also possess certain characteristics, such as self-promotion, apathy and intelligence.

At the beginning they may seem friendly and good, but sooner or later they will reveal their true nature. If you pay attention to the following signs, you can easily recognize evil people and stay away from them.

1. They deny reality

Evil people never recognize reality. They spend their entire lives in denial and refuse to accept the truth.

2. They twist the facts

These people always twist the facts in order to hurt others and that is how they manipulate their victims.

3. They withhold information

These people lie and hide the truth in order to maintain control over a certain situation. This helps them to gain benefit for themselves and compromise other people’s integrity.

4. They are remorseless

Evil people feel satisfaction when they hurt others and they are not filled with shame and remorse after doing something wrong.

5. They mislead others

As we have already mentioned, these people like to twist the facts, so if a certain situation seems pretty bad, they will mislead others into believing that it seems even worse.

6. They are pathological liars

These people feel pleasure when they lie to others. Lying is like a game to them which they use to fool others.

7. They do not take responsibility for their deeds

Evil people never apologize. They also avoid taking responsibility for what they are doing and they always put the blame on others for their own mistakes.

8. Evil people are manipulative

Nobody is priority to these people. They prioritize their own needs instead and use manipulation to achieve their own aims.

9. They are fair-weather friends

Honesty and friendship mean nothing to evil people. They are fair-weather friends – i.e., they are around you when everything is good, but once the things get messy, they simply disappear.

10. They are control freaks

Evil people enjoy criticizing others and putting them down. That is how they maintain the control over everything.

11. They lead double lives

These people lead double lives. They lie, hide the truth and mess with others.

12. They steal other people’s time

Stealing other people’s time helps them to reach their own goals. They will also try to keep people away from their family and friends.

13. They make others feel uncomfortable

Evil people usually give off strange vibes. This can be so strong that makes other people feel highly uncomfortable in their company.

14. They use humor to insult others

Using humor in order to insult others and make them feel underestimated is a common sign of evil personality.

15. They are mean to animals too

According to the scientists, childhood cruelty to animals is an indicator of later violence and delinquency. So, if someone is cruel to humans, he/she will be cruel to animals too.