″I love you″ is the most powerful and the most significant sentence which has a very deep meaning. Unfortunately, nowadays, these words have lost their significance because they are used by people who are incapable of unconditional and genuine love.

They say ″I love you″ without even knowing what the true love is. Some of them associate love with obsession instead of understanding and care. According to the psychologists, these people are narcissists.

Here is a letter, written by a narcissist who reveals what does it mean when such a person says ″I love you″:

″Dear Codependent Partner,

It is really hard to say these words to you in reality because it would mean that I am able to carry the load of our relationship. Since I only care about myself, I don’t want to carry that burden and that’s why I avoid talking about my feelings.

When I say ″I love you″, I do mean it. These words also mean that I cherish the fact that I am the center of your life. I love the way you make me happy and that you are ready to move mountains for me.

I love that I can make you feel so small and insignificant because that makes me feel powerful. You let me take advantage of you and I keep pulling you down shamelessly so that you don’t realize that you deserve much better.

I exploit your generosity and I love making you expect less and less from me. My life becomes much easier when I am using your kindness and innocence for my delight and pleasure.

I love when you focus on alleviating my discomfort and pain. But whatever you do, it isn’t enough. I don’t feel respected or loved enough. I need more and more of you. I can’t get enough of your admiration, love and care.

I know you need as much love and respect as I do, but I don’t think that your needs and wants are more important than mine. I need to be your priority. And this has nothing to do with love, affection or connection. It has to do with my need to control you and make you feel like you are not doing enough.

I love you as the way people love their precious possessions. You are like all the nice things I want to possess and I love the envy other people feel when they see us together.

I am a kind of person who loves hurting others and that is why I need your emotional support.

Sometimes I am tired and even scared of the hatred I feel. I am scared of showing emotions because it will make me feel vulnerable. When the weak part of my personality threatens to open up, I start treating you like a punching bag.

The day you realize this, you will leave me forever. That is why I can’t tell you all these things in reality. I will keep promising that I will change and become a better person, but in fact, I never will. The day you stop caring for me, I will fall and that is how I will learn my lesson.

Luckily, that day will never come because all I do is to make you forget about yourself and think only about me. And that is absolutely perfect.

Forever love-limiting,
Your narcissist″