The universe is comprised of an infinite amount of different vibrations and stardust. Certain events in space are able to interrupt those frequencies and this will result with an energetic change for people on Earth! You have to be aware of the change that is coming in January. Be prepared.

The quantum physics says that everything is comprised of empty space and energy. Our entire reality is comprised of this. Energy changes happen when there is a physical change in the ethereal world. A given occurrence or event in space may change the vibrational frequencies which go down on our planet. 2017 comes to an end and the expectations are huge amounts of energy which will result in a huge energetic change on Earth.

Once the energetic change happens it can cause a change in many things that regard our lives. It can cause a spiritual awakening, enable you to have a higher consciousness, or raise your awareness. You can prepare for this by following some of the advices provided below.

Smudge Cleansing Herbs

You can find many natural ingredients and herbs which are extremely cleansing and purifying. You can burn sage in your home and this is going to clear away the negative energy that was present in the past year. It is going to refresh your home and you can have a clean and fresh start.

Practice Yoga

When we clean our home from negative energy it is also important to clean our body from negativity as well. With yoga you will stretch the tendons and muscles and you will release any negativity or tension. It is a great way to be prepared for the energetic change of 2018.

Go with your intuition

The language of the universe is our intuition. Intuition is what sets us apart from any animal. We can tune into intuitive senses and we can listen to what the universe wants to tell us. People think of intuition as the gut feeling.

Be Open Minded

If you are open-minded for the year to come, you will be able to fully embrace all positive changes which should come. It is important for your spiritual growth. You have to broaden your horizons, step out of the comfort zone, and open your mind!


Meditation will clean your body from all the negative energy. Meditation can help you to focus on your inner self and to become aware of what really matters in life. It can prepare you for the energetic change as it will raise the vibrational state.

“Meditating is to be aware of each and every thought and of all feelings, never to say it is wrong or right. It is just watching and moving along with it. While you watch, you start to understand the entire movement of feeling and thought. The result is the silence.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Be Aware

You should be aware of things around you. Your friends, the earth, the life you lead and the memories you make. You should be aware of the energy in the planet and the energy around you. This will change your life. The only thing you need to do is to start paying attention and stop being busy. Try and be a computer, not a copy machine.

Astral Project

Astral project can allow you to get drenched in positive energy. This is the separation of the physical from the spiritual body. It will give you new insight in your life and your purpose.