These 16 most secure and forbidden places on Earth contain many secret documents. And we don’t believe that they will ever be available to the “ordinary people”.

Many of these forbidden places on Earth are shrouded by secrecy, some even impossible to reach. One thing is common to all these places, which is that we can’t visit them.

1. The situation room

You’ve probably seen some version of it in the movies, but of course, not the actual one. The situation room is where the president of the US discusses life or death situations with his advisors. The room is located 50ft. below the west wing and you cannot go in there unless you are the president or his advisor.

2. Vatican secret archives

Hidden deep behind the Vatican walls, it is hard to believe that these documents will ever become available to the “ordinary people”. Michelangelo’s letters, the plead of Henry VIII for annulment of marriage and many other documents have found their place here.

3. Club 33

Who would say that even Disney can enter the most forbidden places on Earth contest! There are a number of private clubs in 3 Disney Parks, however, their existence is a strict secrecy. Access to these clubs is limited and the waiting list is as long as 14 years. The initiation fee is 36,000 euros, while the annual membership fee is 24,300 euros. Among the members are the US Presidents, business leaders and numerous actors.

4. Cheyenne Mountain Complex

During the Cold War, the Cheyenne Mountain was the command center of the US Air Force Command and a missile warning center. Although the US Air Force Command does not operate from this location anymore, Cheyenne remains one of the safest places in the world. It is protected with two steel doors that can withstand a 30 mega ton nuclear explosion. The offices are located 600 meters below ground! The air is cleansed by a series of chemical, biological and nuclear filters. Also, within the complex there are several buildings that can absorb an electromagnetic pulse that would otherwise disable all computers.

5. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

This Noah’s ark of seeds is located on the Norwegian island of Svalbard, buried 120 meters in the mountains. The bank has seeds of a large number of plants (currently there are more than 500,000) from all over the world for the purpose of their conservation in the event of a war or a natural disaster – the bank can survive great earthquakes and even a nuclear attack, and it is located 130 meters above sea level, so it can’t be jeopardized by the rising sea level.

6. Room 39 North Korea

Yes, even the most dangerous and country has its entry on the list of forbidden places on Earth, ever since the 1970. North Korea’s own secret organization is the Bureau 39. The goal of this organization is to find a way to counterfeit US currency and financial fraud for the president of the Korean Workers’ Party, Kim Jong-un. Unfortunately, there’s very little and limited data for this organization. Allegedly, it has more than twenty bank accounts in Switzerland and China, through which it launders illegal money.

7. Dulce Base, US

In 1979, Paul Bennewitz – an American businessman convinced himself that he is intercepting alien communications in a town called Dulce. Since then, the area has become known as Dulce base, and it said it is a government-alien biogenetic lab that conducts experiments on both animals and humans. The US government controls the upper level, while the extraterrestrials control the lower levels, according to beliefs.

8. The Queen’s bedroom, Great Britain

In an incident in 1982, a man scaled the 14-foot high perimeter wall of the Buckingham palace despite the barbed wire and revolving spikes! His goal was to visit the queen’s bedroom. in the early morning hours the security in the Palace has been ramped up and the Queen’s bedroom has sophisticated alarms, security guard presence and motion sensors.

9. Bohemian grove

This is the bohemian club of the most influential people in the world! It’s happening annually, and it lasts for about two weeks. The state is California, but nobody knows its exact location. It sounds like the most sexist of all the forbidden places on Earth, since women can’t participate. If you ever had the opportunity to see a guestbook, you could find the names of former US President Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon.

10. Wikileaks / Bahnhof

Needless to say, the United States Government isn’t very fond of this complex. Thirty meters below the Stockholm Stock Exchange there is an old nuclear bunker. It’s owner – the Swedish internet provider Bahnhof – makes sure the infamous Wikileaks servers are safe. Jullian Assange’s most valuable data found a safe place behind the thick steel doors, constant video surveillance, and spare aggregates that could work for weeks.

11. Fort Knox

Fort Knox, definitely the most popular of the forbidden places on Earth. If you plan to break in, you need to: Climb over four fences – two of which are electrical – and go past the armed guards strategically arranged throughout the area. Of course, try to avoid video surveillance. Also, do not even think about blowing your way through the granite walls. You will meet about 750 tons of reinforced steel. If you manage to pass those guards inside, and the entire labyrinth of locked doors, you will reach the door of the vaults that are as heavy as 22 tons! The door has a password protection. The problem? Everyone knows only one part of the combination, and you will have to find them all. Once inside, you will have to break into smaller safes and then only be able to take 5,000 tons of gold stored there. And be careful when leaving because there is a good chance that 30,000 soldiers from the nearby military camp will be waiting for you outside.

12. Pine Gap – Australia

Located south-west from Alice Springs, this is the only place in Australia that is a strict no-fly zone. This secret site is an important contributor to the global surveillance network known as ECHELON. Also, the CIA is partly running this location. National Security Agency and the Australian Government.

13. The Secret Vaults of the Mormon Church

Most of the general population doesn’t know that the Mormon Church has its own vaults and safes – buried in a granite mountain 180 meters below the ground – containing genealogical and historical records such as immigration documents or old censuses in the form of a microfilm. Thanks to certain agreements, some archives, libraries and churches from different countries gave over some documents. Archivists in vaults duplicate and digitize these documents, some of which are already on the Internet. Armed guards take care of the safety of the vaults. Also, there are 14-tonne doors resistant to nuclear attack, as well as motion sensor and heat sensing system.

14. Lascaux Caves, France

The walls of this complex of caves in southwestern France shows drawings from the Paleolithic era. In other words, the drawings here are up to 17,000 years old. The caves are, understandably, currently on the UNESCO World Heritage List. To preserve them, the French government closed them to the public in the last few years.

15. Mazhgorye, Russia

People believe that there are Russian nuclear missiles at this site. However, there’s only very limited data on this area. Apparently, in an event of a nuclear attack, the Russians can remotely activate these projectiles. And even more incredible – two battalions safeguard the place and no one can access without permission.

16. Area 51

The location of the one of the most popular forbidden places on Earth is in Nevada. This secret place has one of the best protections on the whole planet. No common person knows the purpose of this base, however, the US government use it for research and development of experimental aircraft and weapons.

By 2013, the United States was completely denying its existence, but has since officially recognized it.