Dr. Dwight Lundell made a big fuss when he stated that doctors should not treat heart diseases with statins to lower cholesterol.

He is an experienced cardiac surgeon and he recently made the following statement:

“We, doctors, with all our education and authority, often develop a strong ego that makes it difficult for us to admit that we’re wrong.”

“The only treatment for this disease was the one that lowers the cholesterol with diets that restrict fat intake. Everything that was contrary to this opinion was considered nonsense and malpractice. I now have to say that such therapy has no scientific or moral basis. “

Of course, needless to say, Lundell’s statement caused chaos in the health sector. His statement undermined the justification of taking statins for lowering the cholesterol.

Even though 25 percent of the US population takes statin (cholesterol lowering drugs) and although we reduced the intake of fat in our diet, still more people will die from heart disease this year than ever before.

The discovery made a couple of years ago that inflammation of the wall of the arteries is the real cause for this disease gradually led to a paradigm shift in the treatment of heart disease and other chronic diseases. The strongly-rooted diet recommendations have created an outbreak of diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Lundell went on saying: “I had the opportunity to peek into thousands and thousands of arteries. Diseased arteries look like someone took a brush and rubbed it along the wall of the arteries. The food we eat several times a day, every day creates small injuries that generate new ones, making the organism respond with inflammation.”

Inflammations are nothing complicated – they are a natural defense of the body against invaders such as toxins, bacteria or viruses. The process of inflammation is the perfect way to protect your body from these bacteria and viruses.

But, if we constantly expose our body to toxins from food that our body wasn’t designed to process, then the resulting state will be chronic inflammation.

We all follow the officially recommended diet that is low in saturated fats but rich in carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fats, but we don’t know that by doing this we are causing repeated injuries to our blood vessels. These injuries cause chronic inflammation that leads to heart diseases, strokes, obesity and diabetes.

The biggest reason for chronic inflammation is the excessive use of processed carbohydrates (flour and sugar) and excessive use of vegetable oils rich in Omega 6, such as soybean, sunflower and corn oil which are found in a large number of products.

While we enjoy the sweet delicacies, our body fights off the intruder. The food full of sugar and simple carbohydrates or the food with processed omega-6 oils was recommended as a healthy diet. However, this is the food that gradually poisons everyone. In fact, Lundell explains that food processed with omega-6 and omega-3 fats disturbs the balance of fats in the body.

However, the most controversial thing in his statements is the claim that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, which is why statins are completely redundant. Instead, he recommends a treatment that does not bring profit to the pharmaceutical industry:

“Simply put, there is no way for cholesterol to accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels and cause heart disease and heart attack. Without inflammation, cholesterol would move smoothly through the body, which is quite natural. Inflammation is responsible for trapping the cholesterol.”

Since we now know that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, our concerns about saturated fat are completely meaningless. In fact, this theory about cholesterol has triggered nutritional recommendations that destroy us and create inflammation.

To make things worse, excess body weight caused by consuming these foods creates overload in our fat cells that secrete large amounts of pro-inflammatory chemicals which exacerbate the injuries caused by high blood sugar.

There is only one way to suppress these inflammatory conditions, which is to return to food in its original form. To build muscle, consume more protein. Choose carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruits. Reduce or completely avoid inflammatory omega-6 fats such as soy, sunflower and corn oil as well as the foods that contain them.

Mainstream medicine has made a big mistake when it told people to avoid consuming saturated fats and eat foods rich in omega-6 fats. As a result, there is now an epidemic of arterial inflammation that leads to heart diseases and other chronic diseases. Saturated fats are mostly found in meat, eggs, cheese.

You can always choose natural food and foods from the market to avoid inflammation caused by processed foods.