Do you know the feeling of melancholy when you are at home after the end of the working week? From time to time, we’ve all had such feelings, but if you constantly feel tired and exhausted when you are at home, then it is a sign that you need to clean it out of negative energy.

With the help of the following 7 methods, you can remove the accumulated negative energy from your home, and make it a pleasant place to live where you will always be in a good mood and full of positive energy.

1. Refresh your home with essential oils

The smell of orange reminds you of sunshine and smiles, so it will not only clean your home from negative energy, but also improve your mood. Dissolve several drops of essential orange oil in water or put it in the freshener for your home. You can also use lavender or patchouli oil.

2. Plants

Healthy plants are a potential source for the activation of Qi (positive energy) in the space, and they also help in maintaining the fresh air. Plants symbolize trees, growth and development. They need to be maintained in order to be healthy, and when they begin to whither they need to be replaced with new ones.

3. Ventilate the whole house

The first step in removing negative energy is clean air. Open all windows in your home, even when it’s cold outside. While the house is ventilating, take the time to clean the pillows, blankets, quilts and other covers.

4. Repair or remove the broken things

For a long time, you were planning to fix the broken chair, but you never found time to do it? Fix it right away, or take it out completely from your home. Broken things attract negative energy and keep it inside until you make a change.

5. Move the furniture

Reorganizing your home helps balance the energy in space. According to Feng-Shui rules, the furniture must be organized in a way that allows more space in which energy can flow freely. It will prevent negative energy from crash into the furniture and remain trapped in it. Free space and easy flow will allow rapid elimination of negative energy.

6. Put salt in the corners of the room

According to some traditional beliefs, sea salt is great for cleaning negative vibrations. If you feel that a negative energy has accumulated in your home, sprinkle sea salt along the corners of the house. Also, you can mix salt and hot water and then wipe the floors with this mixture.

7. Get rid of unnecessary items at home

There is a belief that old items capture stagnant energy, especially if you have a lot of them. Thus, some items from the past can still preserve the emotion you felt when you were using them – grief, depression, rage … Some objects can hide bad memories, even if they weren’t yours. Well, if you want to get rid of negative energy, remove such items from your home.