With its 12 Gods each representing their own Egyptian zodiac sign, this is one of the oldest horoscopes in the world that Pharaohs used to rule the kingdom.


(January 1 – 7, June 19 – 28, September 1 – 7, November 18 – 26)

People born under this sign have an extraordinary self-control, great persistence and creativity. They aren’t interested in ordinary, trivial things. The Nile appreciates beauty, intelligence, lucidity, and spirituality. They are too sensitive and because of this they instinctively feel the people and places that suit them. The people from this sign are tolerant, not selfish, however, they don’t share their knowledge to others.


(January 8 – 21, February 1 – 11)

Nothing can confuse the members of this Egyptian zodiac sign. No one can resist their appearance and no one remains indifferent to their presence. Their benevolence is immense. People born under this sign represent a collective conscience. Their wise words often have the power of foresight. People consider them to be one of the happiest people. They completely devote themselves to all things and constantly prove their moral values.


(January 21 – 31, September 8 – 22)

The nature of this sign is difficult to understand because they enjoy being mysterious. They don’t want anyone to know what their goals are. Their behavior is always at a distance from others. They have an artistic soul, meaning they are prone to being inconsistent and sensitive. They hide behind their unusual behavior. Due to their immense inner strength, they are ready to touch the core of the problem, not to avoid it.


(February 12 – 19, August 20 – 31)

People born under this sign have strong organizational abilities. They can make the ordinary things useful for society. Unlike artists, these people are practitioners, loving concrete things and always presenting when big plans are realized. They can be trusted, thus they can’t stand people who don’t fulfill what they promised. One gets to see their ruthlessness in such cases. They don’t like unreasonable behavior and never neglect their obligations.


(March 1 – 10, November 27 – December 18)

People who fall under this sign possess material, spiritual, and philosophical knowledge. Knowledge is their main characteristic that causes jealousy in others. Therefore, they are often the target of deceits. Their life is one great mystery. They have strong intuition and incredible reasoning power, and they never forget the opponents and know how to protect themselves. Their strength lies within the wisdom which helps them overcome the most difficult problems.


(March 11 – 31, October 18 – 29, December 19 – 31)

According to the members of this Egyptian zodiac sign with an infamous name, force gains nothing. Usually, they’re very tolerant and eternally in love, bear a strong character and forgive fairly. They bring peace and serenity among the people with their presence. The most important thing for them is love. They believe that love has tremendous power. They are generous and hide no intentions. Sometimes they feel lonely and they are often withdrawn.

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