Staying hydrated has countless benefits for our mental and physical health. However, can drinking iced water negatively affect your health?

In this article, we are going to show you why drinking warm water is more beneficial for your health than drinking iced water.

It is a fact that when we have a bath with warm water, the skin loosens and the pores open, whereas when we have a cold bath, the water closes and constricts the pores. The digestive tract experiences the same thing when we drink iced water.


• The body needs more energy to regulate the temperature rather than to digest food and absorb the essential nutrients. This may lead to weight loss.

• Consuming iced water can hinder digestive processes, prevent hydration and tighten blood vessels.

• If we drink iced water while eating, the cold temperature can solidify the fat we consume and the body cannot digest fats properly.

• If we drink iced water after having a meal, the production of mucus in the body increases and this in turn may weaken the immune system and lead to chronic health conditions.

• In order to function properly, the spleen requires a moderate temperature. We need to improve the spleen health, as it protects the body from pathogens and prevents infections.

• Drinking iced water can aggravate the symptoms of asthma in children.

• Drinking cold water increases the risk of experiencing headaches or migraines.

• If we drink cold water with a meal, it can limit the ability of the body to pass the food we consume through the esophagus.

A lot of people believe that drinking iced water aids in calorie burning. However, there are other ways in which you can burn calories, without negatively affecting the overall health.


Most people believe that we should drink warm water in the morning and in the evening in order to improve our overall health. In addition, water should be warmed from 120º F – 140º F. You can add lemon or lime to it in order to boost your vitamin C levels, too.

Consuming warm water can:

• Enhance tissue hydration

• Improve digestion and boost the production of enzymes

• Improve bowel movement by consuming warm lemon water in the morning.

• Break down food easily

• Aid in body detoxification and cleanse blood properly, thus improving the function of the skin, the kidneys and the lymphatic system

• Improve blood circulation

• Reduce sugar cravings

• Help the body get rid of harmful toxins easily

• Relieve nasal congestion

• Calm the central nervous system

• Help relieve constipation

• Aid in weight loss

• Decrease stress levels

• Help relieve symptoms of achalasia

When you start drinking warm water, you will notice a great improvement in the digestive processes. Nevertheless, you should not drink warm water if you exercise or work in a hot climate. Also, it is not a good idea to drink iced water, if you experience a common cold or flu or if you suffer from some health conditions that affect digestion.