Not many people can get lunar experience especially because such events happen far too rare. However, there is a possibility for us to witness a lunar experience. This is happening for the first time in 150 years on January 31st, 2018.

On that day, the Earth’s shadow will fully cover up the Moon thus creating a perfect alignment of the Moon with the Sun and the Earth. As a result of the refraction of the Sun’s light the Moon will get red color. This event is known as lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are visible from any place at nighttime unlike solar eclipses that are visible from specific places on Earth.

Moreover, the Moon will get larger because it will get especially close to the Earth. This event is also called Blue Moon because it is the second time in one month for a full moon to happen. Blue Moons are really rare phenomena. The last one happened in July 2015.

However, we expect another one in March. The best places to see the Moon on 31st January are: North America or the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, Northwestern Canada, Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. In New York the eclipse will occur at 9:24 p.m. local time. As for Europe, the people in eastern Europe will see a mirror image of the eclipse, the spectators in Moscow will witness the incredible entrance as it rises and is red.

Unfortunately, not every place on Earth will see the Blue Moon this month since it will technically appear on 1st February – these places are the regions in eastern Asia and Australia. The last time there was a total lunar eclipse was on 31st March 1866. Therefore, try not to miss it since the next one is expected on 31st December, 2028 and on 31st January, 2037.