Even though it is easily accessible, legal and mass produced almost everywhere around the world, no one considers that consuming alcohol has spiritual consequences.

First, let’s consider the origin of the world alcohol. It comes from the Arabic word “al-kuhl” that means body consuming spirit, and it is also a root of to the English word for “ghoul”. According to the Middle Eastern folklore, ghoul is an evil demon that eats human bodies.


According to the health enthusiast Jason Christoff, alcohol was essential in extracting the essence of the soul in the practice of alchemy. That is why it’s used for extracting essences in the production of essential oils, and in the process of sterilization of medical instruments. So if you drink alcohol, this extracts the essence of your soul, which makes your body prone to neighboring entities which often have low frequencies (that’s why some alcoholic drinks are called “spirits”).

So when people consume excess amounts of alcohol usually black out and don’t remember anything. This happens because the good soul leaves our bodies since the living conditions are traumatic ant intolerable. And when the good soul leaves, a dark soul enters our body. In essence when a person becomes dark after consuming alcohol the body then becomes possessed by other dark entity.


Let’s also consider the advertising for alcohol. Most alcohol advertisements contain subliminal images and messages which are usually unperceivable by common sight, but subconsciously we still perceive them. The sales teams know the power of the subconscious is in our feelings, decisions, beliefs and reactions. So, they use this technique to make us buy their products and fall into mental apathy and obedience. A lot of these hidden images and messages are extremely sexual – which have an impact on our primal urges.

How many times have you or someone close to you, after becoming quite drunk, behaved in an untypical way? Maybe you experienced changes in your voice, sexual promiscuity, violence, taking harmful substances, destruction of property and various other negative behaviors. Are these behaviors manifestation of positivity, light or love? Do they represent a path of health and consciousness?

Effects and Consequences

We all know that alcohol depresses your nervous system, damages brain cells, is very toxic to the liver and weakens your immune system.  We all know hat long-term alcohol consumption leads to weight gain, liver diseases, decreased intelligence, and negative impact on the hormones. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy may lead to birth defects, deformities and mental retardation in the fetus. But the production keeps growing, and the sales spread everywhere around the globe.

Ask yourselves why alcohol is legal in most countries, but in others – such as the US, psychedelic drugs are illegal. But conscious use of psychedelics helps in mind expansion, heals numerous spiritual and physical ailments, helps reprogram the brain in a positive manner and have inspired a lot of people to create great artwork or other creations.

How many people have seen how their families break down and because of a member consuming alcohol? Do you think alcohol makes us healthier or better people? We need to change this.

We need to replace the mindless abuse of alcohol with healthier activities and practices in order to lead empowered lives!

Here’s a bit more about the history of the word alcohol:

Paracelsus (1493-1541) used the word alcohol to refer to a fine powder but at the same time a volatile liquid. In the 1670s it was used in the English language for “any sublimated substance or the pure spirit”. The year of 1753 marks the first ever record of alcohol in the sense of “intoxicating ingredient”. It was short for alcohol of wine. Later, it became “intoxicating element from fermented liquors.”

While researching an article on alcohol for an online medical journal, doctor Rachel Hajar discovered additional meanings in the ancient Arabic texts;

  1. Al kol: Spirit or genie that takes various shapes.
  1. Al kol: Any substance or drug that takes away or covers the mind.
  1. The word alcohol associates with a fixed star in astronomy by the name of Algol – also known as “Demon’s head.”
  1. The current Arabic word for alcohol is الغول al-ġawl – which means “demon” or “spirit”.

So this intoxicating substance has deep and dark history. You really need to consider the information we offered in this article. Observe the effects of consuming alcohol in your own life, in the lives of others, and society in general. The more people know the truth, the more likely we’ll make changes and a world we’ll feel good living in.