Today, we are still fascinated by Nostradamus, one of the most well-known prophesiers from the 16th century.

He started to write a series of mysterious verses in 1955. Today, it is thought that his verses were predictions of future events on Earth. It is claimed that Nostradamus predicted numerous natural disasters and cataclysms before they took place. Moreover, it is also believed that he predicted the history of the world.

Even though many people celebrate Nostradamus as one of the most well-known prophesiers on Earth, there are people who think that he was just a con man, who took advantages of the gullible.

Michel Notre-Dame, known as Nostradamus, lived in France in the 16th century. He was an astrologer and physician, but he was not like other people, he was able to predict the future.

By watching at a bowl of water, Nostradamus predicted numerous future events, which were proven to be right. While watching at the water, he was able to see the future. ‘Les Propheties, his first book, is still being printed today.

Some of his most amazing predictions are the rise of Hitler (1930s), the Great Chicago Fire (1871), the nuclear bomb, the New York attack on 9/11, the Moon landing and the murder of J.F.K.

Nevertheless, Nostradamus passed through a difficult period, as his predictions about the future were seen as witchcraft. So, he tried to conceal his talent to predict the future by writing four-line poems, known as quatrains. He reshaped his predictions, so that no one can understand them until they had taken place.

However, what were his predictions for 2018?

According to his predictions, awful events will take place in 2018. He predicted that Earth will overcome changes among nations and that the dead will come out from the graves. In addition, a few natural disasters will take place in 2018.

One of the most terrifying predictions for 2018 that Nostradamus described in his poems is the Third World War. He wrote that a war will take place in France and Europe will be attacked. Moreover, the two greatest world powers will start a war, which will last for 27 years.

Furthermore, a new comet will appear on the sky in 2018. Natural disasters and a nuclear terrorism will destroy the planet, while a huge planet is coming close to Earth. Moreover, Nostradamus predicted the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The prophet claims that the Earth will shake at every five minutes and more than 16.000 people will be killed in this natural disaster.

A natural disaster in the United States was also predicted. Namely, an earthquake, which will take place in Western part of United States, will shake the entire globe.

Even though he was not familiar with the global warming, he predicted several catastrophes caused by it. Namely, he wrote about ‘uncontrolled deforestation’ and ‘fields burnt by heat’. He warned about the destruction of forests and the increase of the ozon’s hole that will lead to a greater exposure of Earth to the solar radiation.

Also, there will be typhoons in Australia, Japan and China. Russia will be affected by floods and extreme weather.

What do you think about these predictions? Are they becoming true or not? Do you believe that they were misinterpreted or coincidental?