“Being born again” is no longer just a phrase. Believe it or not a person can be newly born again and this happens more than once. There is a legend that a person can be born seven times in this world. What this article presents is the chronological order of the seven births and each one of them carries a specific purpose. By reading this article you would be able to determine what birth are you in at your present life and what you are to expect in future.


This is the first birth experienced by your soul. This is a period of observation –everything looks strange and a period of being overwhelmed. You feel disoriented and every effort you make results with failure. This is the most challenging birth since you are often misunderstood even if always best-intended.


Your soul strives for curiosity and learning new things. It is a period of absorbing information and enriching your experience.


The explorer dominates your soul and you expand your curiosity. The theoretical knowledge you gained in the previous births becomes practical. Having so many things to see and do you feel as if time is flying.


Love is dominant in this rebirth. You begin to feel and understand love. Having acquired all lessons you want to embrace this rebirth. This is not to be avoided since it is a necessary component of your growth and evolution. This rebirth will teach you the delight of being in love but it will also teach you the pain of broken heart.


This is the culmination stage. Everything you have done or learned will culminate here. Things start to matter especially recognition and as a result you tend to get anxious as you wait for the recognition.


In this birth you start to get in touch with your spiritual side. Your faith grows and you finally see the pleasure of helping other people. You feel the urge to share with others not just your material possessions but also your love, time and effort.


The last birth in which you gain freedom. You are in constant search of inner knowledge and try to reach deep inside your soul. Your sense of fulfillment caused by your desire to be generous now becomes understanding and solitude is where you find peace. This is the final birth of your life and you can find yourself in this stage not matter your age.