What is the best morning ritual that you follow? Most people turn off their alarm clocks over and over again until they finally get out of bed and start their day.

However, there is a much better way to start the day. There is really a best morning ritual out there.

Maybe we should think of kindness and gratitude instead of dreading the day in front of us. Maybe we should be more positive about the day ahead and try to make the most if it.

This might bring more achievements in the upcoming day and make us more compassionate, kind and carrying towards the other people in our life.

The Dalai Lama claims that this might really happen, if we follow some advice on how to start our day.

Advice by the Dalai Lama

Every morning, when we wake up, we should be happy for being alive. We should think of our lives as something precious that does not deserve to be wasted. Try to develop ourselves daily more and more and to be more open and loving towards the others. Strive for enlightenment, because that can benefit all humans. We should nurture kindness towards other people and not being negative and angry towards them. We should try to benefit all humans as much as we can.

These may be some excellent and motivating thoughts to have in the morning.

In order to have so positive thoughts, we should try meditation. The following steps can be used in the morning to achieve positive thoughts and attitudes.

Let go of negativity through the following meditation steps

  • Get comfortable

Sit on a cushion or a chair. You can even lay down. In fact, you can be in any position that makes you feel completely comfortable.

  • Be aware of your body and relax

Try to feel the body, get rid of tension, breathe and relax.

  • Feel your breath

Try to pay attention as your breath goes in and out. You don’t need to take long or short breaths. Just breathe normal. Try to feel your breath.

  • Be gentle and kind to the mind

Your mind may start to wander and some thoughts may appear. This is completely normal and happens to anyone involved in meditation. Accept the thoughts and try to refocus on your breathing.

  • Remain like this for at least 5 minute

Just try to focus on your breathing as much as you can and do nothing else for 5 minutes.

  • Check and stop

Before you are done, try to check the bodily sensations, relax, get rid of any remaining tension and breathe out.

So, if you don’t think common people can help you find the best morning ritual, you can surely find comfort in the fact that the Dalai Lama himself recommends this.