Women must be aware of certain behavioral traits that indicate toxic relationship. These kinds of relationships can be very difficult to recognize and because of this they can be so dangerous.

Every person deserves to be in a relationship that will bring happiness, love, respect and security. Relationships should be something that will lift you up and not keep you down.

You are definitely not supposed to spend the rest of your life in suffering due to a toxic partner who does not care for you.

Unfortunately, for many people being alone is worse than being in a relationship that is not perfect. However, this is completely false because you cannot be happy in life if you are in a relationship that does not function well. Moreover, while being in this relationship, you may miss out the chance to be happy for the rest of your life with someone special who deserves you.
This does not mean that a single fight in a relationship should mean the end of the relationship. All relationships are filled with positive and negative moments, so you have to see the bigger picture. You have to ask yourself whether you are happy most of time, do you fight a lot and does your partner treat you the way you deserve to be treated.
Many women justify the improper behavior of their partners and blame themselves for their partners’ behaviors. This happens because they are afraid to make big changes in their life or they don’t want to be alone.

But remember: no person deserves to be in a terrible relationship. It will ultimately destroy your soul and mind.

Here’s a list of behavioral traits that can tell you that your partner does not deserve you:

  • He flirts with other women

This one – maybe the most disgusting of the behavioral traits – shows that your partner doesn’t take you seriously nor he respects you. You need a partner who is mature, has eyes only for you, respects and appreciates you. If you cannot trust your partner, there is no room for a relationship. A normal and healthy relationship is always based on mutual trust.

  • He’s insulting you

Your partner often calls you names in order to make you insecure. He may even stay to insult your intelligence. It is normal for people to adopt certain behavioral traits at bad moments. They say things they don’t mean, but everything has limits. Your partner should never try to bring you down and destroy your self esteem.

  • He has drinking problems

Your partner does not have limits when it comes to drinking and he is behaving like a teenager. He goes out with his friends every night and does not return home until dawn. Usually, he is wasted. He may even shut you down when you try to discuss the problem. you should never be with someone like this. Also, practice shows that drinking problems easily lead to more dangerous – and often violent – behavioral traits.

  • You cry very often because of him

You need to be with a person that makes you laugh, not cry. There is no point in being with someone who always makes you unhappy, sad and depressed. It is normal to have misunderstandings and disagreements in a relationship, but these problems should not be something that happens daily.

  • He is extremely jealous

Your partner is constantly behaving like a child being overly jealous and accusing you of cheating constantly. He is needy, wants you for himself, but this does not mean that he is not flirting with other girls. He does not let you out with your co-workers and friends. This person does not trust you. The reason for his mistrust may be because he is not completely honest with you.

  • He picks your clothes

Looks like he is trying to have complete control over you. He tells you what to wear, who to talk to and what to do. You must not forget that you are person that has personal tastes and opinions and you are able to do your own decisions. Don’t allow your partner to dictate your appearance. You are allowed to wear whatever you want to the shop or to dye your hair in whatever color you want.

  • He forces you to intercourse even when you refuse

You should always listen to your mind and body. Be strict if you are stressed, tired or you just not in the mood for making love. Don’t allow him to force himself on you. You are not someone who is there just to please your partner. These men are abusive and have no respect for women.

  • Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is arguably the lowest and the most dishonest of all behavioral traits we talk about today. He always blames you if he is angry or sick for some reason. There are tons of unnecessary insults direct to you in these cases. You are his emotional punching bag even when you try to make him feel better or when you comfort him. This is not a normal relationship. He should always treat you with love, respect and care. Your partner should never drag you into his negative moods and emotions.

  • He lies you and you are aware of this, including white lies

Trust and honesty must be the main pillars of all types of relationships. You cannot expect that if you forgive him, he will change. Your partner is disrespectful and childish if he constantly lies to you, no matter if it’s small things or big lies. There is no future if you are in a relationship with a dishonest person.
Women must think carefully about their partners and relationships. You should end your relationship if you recognize the above mentioned signs of a toxic relationship.

You cannot change this type of person. Do not accept his foolish excuses and stupid lies.

Humans are a complex mesh of behavioral traits in a ever-shifting environment. They can change only when they want to become a better person and understand his own wrongdoings. You cannot do anything to fix these types of toxic relationships and these types of men.