It is not an uncommon thing for artists to be inspired by music and thus create remarkable works of art. One such example is the artist Melissa McCracken. However, she is rather different from most other artists.

The reason is that she creates her works of arts on the grounds of what she hears and not on what she sees. She actually has a very rare neurological condition called synesthesia. It is a condition which allows the person to see colors when they listen to music. More precisely, she transforms the sounds she hears into beautiful colors.

She was born with this condition and she believed that everyone lived in a remarkably colorful world. At the age of 15 she realized that she has this rare condition which gave her brilliant abilities with which she uses colors to show the beauty of the melody.

Her brain reacts in a different way to certain stimuli thus giving a color to every number and letter. McCracken’s brilliance is expressed through her oil and acrylic paintings. Every painting of hers is a special experience which certainly inspires.

She considers her condition a rare gift not a disability. She depicts every moment she feels through the music in her abstract paintings which are full of texture, mixtures, splashes and polychromatic delight.

As a result of her incredible skill she created stunning masterpieces and raised art to a completely new level. Therefore, we decided to share some of her amazing paintings inspired by the following musical masterpieces:

Prince- “Joy in Repetition”

Bach- “Cello Suite No. 1

Radiohead- “All I Need”

Jimi Hendrix- “Little Wing”

Stevie Ray Vaughan- “Lenny”

These paintings take our breath away just as the music she took her inspiration from. She will always see music in a way that we will never be able to. Therefore, these paintings may change our perception of music and hopefully, this incredible art will inspire you to see music in a different and positive light thus creating your own masterpiece.