Even though it might be surprising for you to hear a psychologist publicly stating that people are better off single than married. However, it will probably be as shocking to realize that this idea of being on our own could actually be true.

Therefore, although shocked by the revelation of this insight, if carefully considered, it is actually not at all difficult to believe in it. Research has challenged some traditional, commonly accepted ideologies by analyzing and comparing people who have stayed single with those who have married. As a result, it has been concluded that people who are single have powerful sense of self-determination and bigger chances to grow and develop as persons.

They possess heightened sense of self-awareness .They live their best, most meaningful and authentic life. They value meaningful work more than married people and feel self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency serves them well and thus they experience negative emotions less than married people. This research is supported by statistical data i.e. according to the Office of National Statistics, in 2016 there were approximately 16.2 million single people in the United Kingdom and 23.7 million married people. If this is compared with the year 2002, it can be concluded that the number of single people has increased whereas the number of married people has remained almost the same i.e. in 2002 there were 12.5 million single people and 23 million people. In addition, science has also proven that staying single is better for your health than being married. Getting married will not make you healthier or make you live longer. Instead, science has determined that the carelessness of being single makes you more vibrant, youthful and thus healthier.

There are many reasons for staying single. However, most of them are rarely acknowledged. Single people are more connected with their family, friends and neighbors unlike married people who become uninterested in other people outside their own experience. The worst association made with being single is the menacing loneliness. People are preoccupied with this threat of staying alone and lonely and therefore, they are totally wrong when interpreting the concept of being single. It is high time we describe this notion more precisely. Single people are not afraid of single life, they are aware of their real strength and flexibility because that is what makes their life meaningful. They accept solitude as a state that brings profound benefits and ignore the preoccupation with the perils of loneliness which much too often conceals the quality of solitude. What is more fascinating is that even though family and friends enjoy celebrating other people’s marriages this is actually their initial reaction to marriage but the fact is that after some time plenty of these persons end up acting much more negative to these married people. We should all understand that getting married does not necessarily mean being happier since there is no concrete evidence that supports this. Instead, we should be aware that getting married does not bring long-term happiness but it makes persons considerably less happy.