A study carried out at the University of Bielefeld has given an astonishing discovery that plants are able to find a different source of energy from other plants. This discovery can be of extreme importance for bioenergy as it can help in finding evidence that people can draw energy from other people in a similar way.

A biological research team led by Professor Olaf Kruse has shown that a plant called green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has an alternative source of energy besides photosynthesis. That source is energy which comes from other plants. People and plants are similar because they both need light and water for life. The human body, similarly to a sponge, soaks up the things around it. This discovery may explain why some people feel uncomfortable while in company with certain people.

The research team cultivated the small green alga and observed what this plant does when it lacks energy. In this case, the plant draws energy from the vegetable cellulose near it. The alga secretes a cellulose enzyme that breaks down the cellulose into smaller sugar components. These components are then transported to the plant’s cells and they help the plant to continue growing. This is the first time for this kind of behavior to be noticed in plants. It contradicts everything that has been known till now. Now, the scientists have a goal to find a similar behavior among other plants as well.

As the study of energy becomes more advanced, the scientists will try to discover this behavior among humans as well. The human body functions in a similar way, trying to find energy in order to satisfy its emotional states. This will eventually increase the cortisol levels or energize the cells.

Scientists hope that these studies, which will be conducted on animals and plants, will also be carried out on humans and they will prove that humans are able to heal each other with energy transfers. In fact, humans can probably absorb energy from other human beings, animals and plants. This may be the reason why some people feel full of energy after spending time in nature.

In the past, people were deeply connected to nature. Our ancestors firmly believed in the energy transfers with animals and plants around them. However, this link was forgotten and now we are deprived of this incredible energy transfer.

Here is how you can prevent draining of energy and how you can clear your space:

Stay grounded and concentrated – If you are concentrated on your spiritual self, instead on your ego, you will immediately feel when something has come into your personal space. If you are completely concentrated, you will be able to release the emotions and energy of other people.

Don’t resist – If you are feeling uncomfortable around some people, don’t resist because this will block their energy into your personal space. Just imagine a state where your body is completely clear. The negative energy of the others will pass right by you.

Own your personal space – If we are not able to control our own personal aura, foreign energy will easily enter into it. Try to stay aware of the boundaries of your personal aura space.

Energy cleansing – The gold color is excellent for cleaning your personal space from negative energy. Imagine a golden shower nozzle above your head that cleanses your aura and body. After this, you will feel fresh and cleansed.

Control your energy – When our energy is in our own space, it is more difficult for foreign energy to enter. However, when we concentrate on others, we often spread our own energy around. To control it, imagine a gold shower above your head that attracts your own energy back and purifies it as well.

On the other side, there are some experts that believe that this algae research cannot be associated with humans.

The research refers to a specific type of algae, which are able to absorb energy from other plants in sub-optimal growing conditions. However, it is only an assumption that this behavior can be used to covert cellulose waste into carbon that could be used as a biofuel. Nowadays, this process is dependent on a certain type of fungi that need additional source of energy to grow.

Furthermore, the correlation between the algae and the humans was made by an energy healer that may not be legitimate. It is only a myth that people are able to feed their emotional needs from the energy of others.

It is also unbelievable that humans could be able to create their own food in the same manner as the algae. In fact, the algae consumed an organic matter of the other plants and not some unseen metaphysical energy. If the humans behaved in the same manner as the algae, they would be cannibals.

Humans should also be built of cellulose to support this theory. The algae are able to use the energy of other plants by producing an enzyme that breaks down the cellulose into smaller parts that are then used by the cells.

Therefore, this study and the claims that humans can absorb energy from other humans cannot be taken for granted. Unless further research is presented, where animals and humans are involved, the claim that we can absorb energy from others remains only a mystery and assumption.