Nowadays, there are lots of manipulative and toxic people that try to control other people’s lives. They try to control other people through baiting, meaning that they act intentionally, so that they can provoke anger and hatred in people they are communicating with. When someone wants to start an argument with another person, he uses a baiting technique.

Their main aim is to make the other person start the fight and feel responsible for it. They use baiting as a tactic in order to take advantage of the fight. Even though they are aware of baiting, they want to make the victim confused and manipulated.

Andrea Brandt, a family and marriage therapist, states that people, who start an argument, do it purposefully as they are afraid to take responsibility of starting the fight. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, these signs will help you to recognize that someone is baiting you.


1. They accuse you of doing something that you did not do

Accusation is a classical baiting move. For example, your partner tries to accuse you of cheating even though you have never through of it. In this way, they want you to be confused and defend yourself, whereas they can easily manipulate you and your emotions.

Stephanie Sarkis thinks that these people are the cheaters themselves even though they try to accuse you of that. When you start to defend yourself, they act as victims. Try to find out the reasons for the accusation instead of defending yourself. Put off their baiting by asking them to explain their accusations.

2. They damage something that belongs to you

Baiting does not always need an argument. Often, somebody may be baiting you by damaging something that belongs to you in order to provoke anger. When you are angry, they can easily bait and manipulate you.

It is considered that the process of damaging something that belongs to your loved ones is a punishment, which often terrorizes the person. The damage of something that belongs to you is a sign of a baiting technique.

3. They are manipulating your emotions

If someone wants to elicit emotions from another person, he uses baiting as a tactic. The person that is trying to bait you wants to control the situation and make you upset or angry about it. In such causes, the baiter uses the emotional response in order to control the situation easily.
When we respond emotionally, it is hard for us to be in control of out reasoning. In order to manipulate you easily, the baiter usually relies on your emotional response.

4. They intentionally want to make you jealous

Partners use baiting if they cheat on you or flirt with other people in order to make you jealous. If your partner compares you to his / her previous partners or cheats on you, it means that he / she is trying to bait you.

In this way, the partner wants to manipulate your emotions and prove that you are wrong.

5. They play the victims

Even though they try to bait you, they always want to be the victims. They damage something that belongs to you just to make you angry. They flirted with other partners, because you did not pay enough attention to them.

Baiters will never realize that they are the ones who cause the problem or the argument. If someone intentionally tries to elicit emotional response from you and prove that you are wrong, it means that he is baiting you.

6. They rush you

If someone rushes you to make a decision, it means that you are being baited. They do not give up time to make a decision. They know that if they make pressure on you to make a decision quickly, they will have better chances to get what they want.

What to do if someone is baiting you?

It is of utmost importance to recognize the signs that indicate that someone is baiting you. However, when someone is baiting you, you:

1. Do not take the bait

When someone is baiting you, but you are not responding to it, the baiter cannot get from you what he wanted. In this way, you can easily ignore the baiting.

2. Do not argue

If someone is bating you, it is of utter importance not to argue but to give time to yourself and to the other person to calm down, particularly if the baiter is trying to elicit an emotional response from you.

3. Look for support

In order to deal with baiting as a technique of manipulation, it is best to look for support. It is good to have a support from your family, friends or even a professional therapist.

Realizing the baiting technique and its signs can help you to deal up with situations in which you are being bated. Even though it seems frightening at the beginning, realizing how to deal with such a situation will help you to overcome baiting easily.